Best Money Management Apps

Best Money Management Apps

App to manage personal finances: 4 solutions to track expenses and achieve your goals

Like many other activities in our daily lives, managing personal finances has become more accessible and efficient thanks to the numerous apps designed to allow control directly from our hands. Savings apps not only make it easier to control your finances, but they also educate you on better money management.

They allow us to keep track of daily, individual, couple, or family income and expenses and motivate us to “go straight” to achieve our savings goals.

In this article, you will discover 4 applications available for iOS and Android for financial management in everyday life. Each has specific characteristics and responds to particular needs, including having a clear vision of your financial status, staying true to your budget, planning your expenses, or saving to achieve a goal.

1. Monefy – Expense Management

This app is particularly appreciated because it is intuitive and simple, available in Italian with fun and light graphics. The main goal is to track your expenses and control them to save and achieve your financial goals.

Entering expenses or earnings is really immediate. On the Home page, touch the + or – symbol at the bottom to add or subtract sums, or directly choose the category to which they belong to insert them into the total balance. The categories are truly numerous: for example, we find entertainment, medical expenses, pets, and much more.

In addition to the total balance, the central graph will show you which category you spend the most money on as a percentage, to have an overview and understand, if you wish, where to improve.

Within Monefy (or Monefy – Financial Tracker on Android ), you can create sub accounts for different accounts or, for example, credit cards or online accounts like PayPal. From the settings, among other things, you can choose to export all data to a file to share or save on your smartphone.

To unlock all the functions of Monefy, you can purchase the Premium version for 43.99 euros per year.

2. Wallet – Personal Finance

The wallet has a self-explanatory and straightforward interface that guides you through the various activities to carry out to improve the management of your finances. It should not be confused with Google Wallet, which is an entirely different application.

From the initial dashboard, you can easily add, manually or automatically, by linking your accounts to different accounts and giving the name and colour you prefer. Scrolling down, you will be able to see the progress of your balance, the main expenses, and the latest transactions. By tapping the + symbol in the center, you can add Expenses, Income, and Transfers. By tapping Planning, you can enter the Payments planned for the future and the Budgets to define an accurate spending plan.

The app, available for Android devices as Wallet – Budget Control and on iPhone as Wallet – Personal Finance, is free and in Italian but also includes subscription plans that offer more features.

In particular, by switching to Wallet Premium, you will be able to unlock all the features with a monthly cost of 5.99 euros, a yearly cost of 22.99 euros, or a one-off cost of 49.99 euros for a lifetime subscription.

3. Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App

An often tedious and complex activity is keeping payment receipts in order of date and type of expense. Particularly important, especially if we find ourselves shopping in work contexts, with documents to be carefully kept for reimbursements.

With Foreceipt, you can directly scan any receipt via your smartphone camera, and not only will the app save it for you, but it will also automatically record the shopping done. By also entering earnings and transfers, you can control your finances quickly at a glance.

In the menu on the left, there are other interesting functions, such as the ability to create reports or send receipts to an email address.

With the free account, you have 500 receipts stored for up to 12 months, 500 MB of cloud storage, and 10 PDF/ Excel reports. To upgrade the plan, the payment is 4.49 euros per month or 41.99 euros per year.

4. Budget And Finances

Budget and Finances is another handy app and the only one that is totally free. There are many functions inside, but the interface is simple and intuitive.

On the home page, you will be able to see the total of your finances, and by simply tapping on the + symbol, you will be able to add Expenses and Income, marking amounts, categories, comments, and, if you wish, attaching photos.

You will be able to monitor your outgoing expenses and find the right way to save money.

From the menu on the left, you can add other accounts, see the progress of your finances, set up regular payments to consider when controlling your budget, and much more.

You can also find the app on the Apple App Store under the name “Expense Management, Budget.”

5. Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

Goodbudget is perfect for keeping family expenses under control: each user can share their page with family members and establish a maximum spending budget. Every one can add new planned and unexpected entries or exits.

For each purchase, it is possible to specify the product category to evaluate at the end of the month, with the help of simple and intuitive graphs, where and how the significant expenses incurred.

The app is free and available in both the Google Play Store as Goodbudget: Budget & Finance and in the App Store as Goodbudget Budget Planner.

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