Update Telegram: There Are A Lot Of New Features

Update Telegram: There Are A Lot Of New Features

Telegram Is Updated And Introduces Several New Features To Improve Responses To Messages And App Customization.

Telegram has started the release of a new update that further enriches the messaging app, introducing various new features for users. The focus of the update is on message replies, with new tools to make conversations even easier between chats and groups in the application. There is room, however, for further customization options and news for Telegram Stories, a function launched last summer.

What’s New For Telegram Replies

The new version of Telegram focuses on replying to messages, with new tools available to users. We start with the possibility of quoting specific parts of a message to make the answer even more precise.

Let’s imagine we want to answer a question included in a very long message from one of our contacts. With the new function, it will be possible to quote only the question and, therefore, provide a direct answer without repeating the entire message.

To do this, highlight the message that contains the text to quote and then highlight the part of the text to reply to, then choose the “Quote” option from the contextual menu. Also note the possibility of responding to a message in another chat, which is useful, for example, for replying privately to a question asked in a group.

To take advantage of this function, tap on the message to reply to and press the reply bar above the writing field, where the quoted statement is highlighted. 

With the new update, a message can become a quote. Write or copy a text in the writing field and highlight it, holding down the text. Now, press “Quote” to transform the message into a quote.

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Other Telegram News

Among the new features introduced by the latest Telegram update, there is also the possibility to customize the preview of a link shared in chat. Just copy the link into the writing field and then press on it to access the customization screen. Here, you can access various options. Users can choose the preview size and whether to display that image above or below the shared link.

Furthermore, for Telegram Premium users, there are new customization tools, with the possibility of choosing a colour or a combination of colours for your account, modifying both the colour of the name and of the link sent and the replies to messages.

You can also choose an icon that will be used to generate a pattern to use as a message background when other users quote or reply to a message. Customization options are accessible from Settings > Chat Settings > Change Name Colour on Android or from Settings > Appearance > Your Name Colour on iOS.

Among the new features for Stories, however, there is the possibility of sending videos back and forth by holding down the screen and then scrolling to the right or left. There are new settings for the front flash so that you can adjust the heat and intensity of the net for selfies you post to Stories.

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