Online Traps Happening Through Telegram One Should Be Aware

Online Traps Happening Through Telegram One Should Be Aware

Telegram is a well-known, popular, and advanced messenger with many additional features. According to experts, in 2023, the number of active messenger users will exceed seven hundred million monthly. And where there are many users, there are necessarily many scammers.

To date, there are four most common methods of fraud in Telegram channels. Each main form has many variations, types, subspecies, etc. Fraudsters exploit people’s gullibility, greed, lack of experience, etc. At the same time, the scammers, or the “developers” of fraudulent schemes, are excellent psychologists and professionally play on the “psychological front,” persuading a person to make a profitable and necessary decision for fraudsters.

Diagram 1 (Click On The Link)

The task of scammers is to force a Telegram user to click on a fake link they send to the user. Such links can simulate the transition to the sites of popular online stores, banks, government agencies, etc. The excuse for clicking on the connection can be anything. With the imagination of scammers, everything is fine. These can be messages about a non-existent fine, account hacking, sale, suspicious banking transactions, messages from well-known bloggers (to whom the user is subscribed), friends and relatives whose scammers managed to hack accounts, etc. In the vast majority of cases, for the user, the result of clicking on such a link will be the loss of a Telegram account, the loss of a Telegram channel, the leakage of card details, passwords, etc. (if the user clicks on the link, or after going to a fake site, the user performs the actions to which fraudsters push him).

Scheme 2 (Sale Of Goods At A Price Much Lower Than Their Market Value)

When searching for goods from well-known brands and brands in Telegram (to purchase them), many popular channels in the search results allow you to buy such goods at a very “tasty” price through a manager or when you go to the site. As a rule, unfortunately, most of these Telegram channels are scams with an artificially wound-up large number of subscribers. Positive reviews of enthusiastic buyers on such media will also be fake. Fraudsters provide an unrealistic discount on goods and often offer the buyer not to pay the entire cost immediately but to make only a tiny part of the prepayment.

The buyer will have to pay the remaining amount after the delivery of the goods. As a result, the buyer, of course, will never receive the purchased goods. And he will not be able to return the funds transferred to the seller for the goods, whether it’s a fully paid product or a relatively small advance payment made for it. It will also become impossible to “reach out” to scammers after payment since sending messages from the buyer will be immediately blocked by fraudulent sellers.

Over time, such channels, gaining a certain critical mass of deceived buyers and negative reviews, are closed or blocked by the Telegram administration based on numerous complaints from deceived buyers. But almost instantly, a new channel of the same scammers appears in Telegram, and the whole story repeats itself. After all, the price of a top track with many subscriber bots is relatively small, and the potential benefit of deceiving buyers will outweigh the cost of the channel in just a few days. Well, then, there is a net and substantial profit.

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