Calls With No Coverage Limit: The New Free TIM Voce WiFi Feature

Calls With No Coverage Limit: The New Free TIM Voce WiFi Feature

TIM has launched TIM Voce Wifi which allows you to make and receive calls on your mobile phone using – in addition to mobile networks – Wifi. Let’s find out the features, the advantages, and how to activate it.

In an increasingly connected world, the ability to communicate with others has become essential. However, in some circumstances, mobile coverage can be poor, and this is where TIM Voce WiFi comes into play, the feature that allows you to use the WiFi network to make and receive calls with your mobile phone.

Thanks to this innovative technology, also known as WiFi Calling, TIM customers can enjoy more excellent coverage in their homes, workplaces, or any public place equipped with a WiFi connection at no extra cost and with maximum transparency.

This free feature, together with other TIM services such as WiFi signal certification throughout the house, guarantees TIM customers an integrated fixed and mobile offer of the highest levels of quality and coverage.

TIM Voice WiFi: Operation And Characteristics

TIM continues to focus on innovation to offer its customers a complete and increasingly intuitive experience. The latest news is TIM Voce WiFi, a service that allows you to make and receive calls nationwide without needing optimal mobile coverage. TIM Voce WiFi uses any connection on the fixed or mobile WiFi network of TIM or another operator to allow all TIM customers to communicate more efficiently, thus ensuring the best possible quality on all occasions.

How to do? TIM Voce WiFi is quick and easy: connect to the nearest WiFi network to make and receive calls without problems. WiFi hotspots can be internal, as in the case of home or office connections, or external, such as those made available in shopping centers or squares.

Indeed, all TIM mobile customers can take advantage of the advantages of TIM Voce WiFi, which excludes costs. The use of the fixed or mobile network is transparent for the customer, and the price of the calls follows the tariff profile of the offer active on the mobile line.

Coverage Without Limits: The Advantages Of TIM Voce WiFi

TIM Voce WiFi offers unprecedented freedom of communication to make and receive calls with the best possible quality anywhere in the country. Connect to any WiFi network, fixed and mobile, from TIM or another operator. To date, TIM is the first, and only one in Italy to offer a complete solution regarding connections and customers enabled for the service.

Here are the advantages of TIM Voice WiFi:

  • Increase indoor and outdoor coverage, taking advantage of the quality of the home network, workplace, or public places equipped with WiFi connection
  • ease of use, as there is no need to download additional apps or authenticate on complex platforms. All you need is the latest generation smartphone equipped with WiFi Calling technology to be able to make and receive calls via WiFi;
  • convenience and transparency because the service does not include additional costs but only follows the rates of the active mobile plan.

TIM Voice WiFi: Activation And Costs

TIM Voice WiFi is automatically activated on the mobile network of all TIM customers with a compatible smartphone. For greater clarity and transparency, anyone possessing a compatible smartphone will receive a welcome SMS to be informed about the possibility of using the service. In any case, even at a later time, it will always be possible to deactivate TIM Voce WiFi from the settings menu of the device used.

To use TIM Voce WiFi, the compatible smartphone must be updated to activate the WiFi Calling function, which is essential for using the service. Suppose the device does not have this option. In that case, it will be necessary to wait for the manufacturer to update or purchase a compatible smartphone by consulting the list of models on the official TIM website.

It is important to remember that the activation of the service is entirely free, without any additional cost. The only price relates to your tariff profile for calls made via TIM Voce WiFi.

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