What The RCA Cable Is For And How It Works

What The RCA Cable Is For And How It Works

The RCA cable consists of three colored plugs, and is used for the diffusion of analog audio and video: here is how it is connected and how it works.

How many times have you had to connect speakers or audio devices to the television or your computer and do not understand anything about the various cables to be used or connected ?! Don’t worry, a very small percentage of people probably know the exact cable routing, and by reading this article you will find out how to connect audio to your favorite devices. But let’s start from the basics: in front of you do you have a cable made up of two or three round connectors in red, yellow, and white? Here, that’s an RCA cable, used for low voltage audio and video transmission. Find out by reading how it connects and how it works.

How To Recognize An RCA Cable?

Recognizing this type of cable is very simple and intuitive: it is a cable with three colored connections, red, white, and yellow, with a small perforated metal circle in the middle of the connector is female, or with a small horizontal plug if instead, the connector is male.

What Is The RCA Cable Used For?

The technology behind the RCA attack is very simple. The cable has been in use for a very long time due to its ability to transmit a signal easily, without the need for technological implementations. It was one of the first cables to be used for the transport of the analog audio and video signal, very different and much less technological than today’s digital signal.

So much so that this type of cable, if it was certainly included in the old cathode tube TVs for connecting audio speakers or VHS video recorders, is now less widespread in modern equipment. The signal transmission is now entrusted to the much more modern HDMI cable which carries a signal in digital format and no longer analog. Despite the technological evolution, the RCA is still used, even if, often, only for the audio signal.

How Does An RCA Cable Work?

The operation of the RCA cable is elementary. Each component of the RCA cable, there are 3 components in total, can only transmit one signal. The type of signal that is transmitted can be recognized by the color: the yellow plug generally transmits the video signal, the red plug transmits the audio signal of the right channel, while the white plug (or, more rarely, of black color) instead transmits the audio signal of the left channel.

How Do You Connect an RCA Cable?

Now that we have seen what an RCA cable is, what it is used for and what is the technology through which it works, the time has come to go and use it practically, that is to connect the television to an audio amplifier such as stereo speakers or a soundbar! First, you will need to analyze the entry and exit ports of both devices to understand what kind of attack they have.

If the signal is outgoing, however, it means that the three pins of the RCA cable must be connected to the device that will have the final task of transmitting the audio signal, therefore with the amplifier device. To connect the RCA cable to the stereo speakers or soundbar, all you have to do is to match the three colors: red with red, yellow with yellow, and white with white. To connect the RCA cable to the TV instead, you will probably need to purchase an adapter that carries the signal from the television’s 3.5 mm audio jack output to the RCA cable.


When dealing with the RCA cable you must pay attention both to always match the color of the incoming plug with the outgoing one and that the plugs are compatible with each other. The male plug connects only and exclusively to the female plug and vice versa because male-male and female-female plugs are impossible to match.

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