How Many Movies Can You Download From Netflix?

How Many Movies Can You Download From Netflix?

Netflix Allows Users To Download Movies And TV Series To Their Devices, But There Are Some limitations To Using This Feature

Netflix allows users to download films, TV series, and other content to their devices to take advantage of offline viewing. It is beneficial, for example, when traveling by plane and there is no connection available for streaming. Netflix users have to deal with some limitations on downloading content from the streaming platform. Here, then, are how many films you can download from Netflix :

  • Downloading films from Netflix: the limits to be respected
  • On which devices can I download films and series from Netflix?
  • How to download movies and TV series from Netflix?

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Downloading Films From Netflix: The Limits To Be Respected

Netflix users must adhere to certain limits when downloading movies and other content. These limits depend on the activated plan. With Netflix Standard and Netflix Premium, it is possible to have up to 100 active downloads simultaneously for each device. At the same time, with Netflix Standard advertising, you can reach a maximum of 15 monthly downloads.

Note that there is also a limit of devices on which it is possible to download films and TV series: the Standard and Standard with advertising plans can download content on a maximum of 2 devices. In contrast, with the Premium plan, reaching up to 6 devices is possible.

Failure to meet the limit on devices will cause an error message to appear: “You have downloaded on too many devices. (NQL.23000 )”. In general, failure to comply with one of the limits set by this feature will block downloads from Netflix.

Regardless of your Netflix subscription plan, titles downloaded to your device will be deleted if your subscription is deactivated. However, if you reactivate your subscription, you must download it again.

On Which Devices Can I Download Films And Series From Netflix?

Downloading films and TV series from Netflix, in compliance with the limitations seen previously, is possible using the latest version of Netflix to:

  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • iPhones and iPads
  • Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers (but only with ad-free plans)
  • Amazon Fire tablets
  • Google Chromebook with Google Play Store installed

If you are using an outdated device or an outdated Netflix app, the download option may sometimes be unavailable.

How To Download Movies and TV Series from Netflix?

The procedure to start the download is simple. After logging in to the Netflix app with your account (you must have an active account and have respected all the conditions described previously), choose a film or series to watch.

On the page dedicated to the chosen content, the icon to start the download will be included (characterized by an arrow pointing downwards). Downloaded content can be managed from the Netflix app’s Downloads (or My Downloads) section. Please note that downloaded content expires after a certain period.


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