Which Cryptocurrency To Buy In 2024? Top 5 Promising Coins

Which Cryptocurrency To Buy In 2024? Top 5 Promising Coins

Happycoin club – 2023 has proven to be a challenging year for a large number of digital assets. At first, it was accompanied by a long stagnation of BTC and then a series of legal proceedings between the SEC and Ripple. Also, the attention of traders and investors was attracted by discussions about the opening of Bitcoin spot ETFs. All of the above, in one way or another, influenced the prices of the most popular and largest cryptocurrencies on the market.

However, investors are increasingly opting for entirely different projects. Some of them have entered presale and offer their owners new features and capabilities. Others have been on the market for quite a long time and have already established themselves. They will be discussed in this article.

Which Cryptocurrency To Buy In 2024? Top 5 Promising Coins

  • Bitcoin Minetrix is ​​a project with which users can mine bitcoins without having to buy expensive equipment;
  • Meme Kombat is an interactive arena where you can bet on the outcome of battles and receive tokens for it.
  • TGC is a virtual platform with a number of different games for earning cryptocurrency;
  • Cardano is a project that allows you to create smart contracts and dApps;
  • Dogecoin is Elon Musk’s favorite token, with a large community and low transaction costs.

Bitcoin Minetrix First of all, it is worth mentioning an innovative project called Bitcoin Minetrix. The entire operation of this platform is based on two valuable functions – mining and staking. The BTCMTX presale began at the end of September, and in just a month and a half, the asset managed to raise over $4 million, considering that the token price is only $0.0116.Thanks to this project, investors will no longer have to think about buying expensive equipment, which, moreover, will require a lot of energy and resources. Users can now earn Bitcoin simply by participating in the presale and storing the purchased coins.

Moreover, through staking, it is possible to receive loans and special tokens of the ERC-20 format, which are necessary to purchase hashing power.

To correctly distribute all received resources, you can use the toolbar. It makes it possible to independently determine the period during which assets are staked and the number of coins that the user wants to exchange for the hash rate.

As already mentioned, to start using cloud mining services, you need to buy $BTCMTX tokens. This can be done on the project website at a competitive cost of $0.0116.


  • the opportunity not to buy your mining equipment;
  • three participants who complete all tasks from the developers can gain access to Minedrop worth $30,000;
  • The users themselves manage the project ecosystem.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Presale

Meme Kombat Meme Kombat is another new project on the market that is rapidly gaining popularity among members of the crypto community. At its core is a gaming platform where users can choose any character and enter into battle against other gamers or the computer. During the presale, we managed to collect over $1.6 million. Currently, the token can be purchased for $0.189, but this cost will increase.

The project is based on two mechanisms, each of which is aimed at obtaining MK tokens.
The first of them is staking, which allows you to passively increase the number of coins in the user’s account. At the same time, there is no need to wait for the end of the presale; you can use all the bonuses of this technology right now as part of the presale.

The second is betting, which makes it possible to bet on the outcome of battles, characters, and many other attributes of the game.

To make all battles fun and exciting, the developers have introduced artificial intelligence technology.

r the variety of fighting, gameplay, and visual effects. You can buy $MK tokens on the project website for $0.189.


  • the opportunity to play and earn tokens;
  • constant updates from developers and additional game mods;
  • staking is available at an early stage of sales.

Visit Meme Kombat Presale

TGC This fall, the developers introduced TGC, the first virtual project that covers several hundred different games and sporting events for earning cryptocurrency. Its main feature is integration into one of the most popular messengers, Telegram, which makes it possible to play at any convenient time. As part of the presale, investments in this project crossed the $1.9 million mark, and you can buy it for $0.155 on the developers’ website.

The project is based on the $TGC token. It is with its help that all processes on the platform are carried out. Moreover, purchasing coins provides investors with access to special rewards that will be credited to them as they continue to participate in the games.

In addition to various games and sporting events, as well as integration with the popular instant messenger, TGC offers a staking mechanism. It is perfect for those investors who want to receive profit in the form of $TGC tokens passively.

However, you can buy TGC coins right now during the presale for $0.155 per piece.


  • the ability to earn cryptocurrency without leaving the Telegram application;
  • large selection of events and games;
  • access to the platform functionality without additional account registration.

Visit Tgc Presale

Cardano Cardano is a unique platform through which developers can create decentralized applications. To do this, they usually use various intelligent contracts as a basis.

A token called ADA was created. It is straightforward to purchase it; visit any of the major crypto exchanges. At the same time, the price of the coin is currently $0.3698; this is data from CoinMarketCap.

To earn additional ADA coins, investors can use the staking mechanism, which is successfully integrated into the project interface. All tokens received provide access to a system with high-speed transactions for which high fees are not charged. In total, users will have to pay about $0.15-0.17 for each transfer.


  • mechanisms that can compete with the Ethereum network
  • availability of Proof-of-Stake protocol;
  • The creators spent more than four years developing the ecosystem.

Dogecoin This is a famous meme coin that Elon Musk himself supports. Once upon a time, the developers conceived it as an asset that could compete with Bitcoin in the future . However, today, the coin occupies a leading position among meme coins.

The popularity of this asset at one point became so high that several large companies (for example, Burger King and Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA )) were ready to implement DOGE tokens as a means of payment. Moreover, there have been discussions for a long time that the famous social network X (formerly Twitter*) is also potentially ready to accept meme coins.


  • depends on the level of community activity;
  • has the same network security as Bitcoin;
  • easy to mine.

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Completion: Each of the projects presented in this article has a number of useful functions and can bring additional income to coin owners. Some of them have been on the market for a long time (ADA and DOGE) and have an active community. Others can be purchased in the early stages of sales (BTCMTX, MK, and TGC). However, all these assets have excellent development potential next year.

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