How To Build Effective Automated Learning

How To Build Effective Automated Learning

Now remember Axiom #2: Effective Learning = Automated Learning. And I am 1000% convinced of this, from personal experience and clients’ experience.

Training candidates “manually” is fraught with the following:

  • Low employee exit conversion – out of five potential candidates, you will have time to withdraw a maximum of two in a month without confidence in the quality of their work;
  • Spend a valuable resource of ROP, an hour of which costs an average of 2 thousand rubles, and this is a loss of 40 thousand rubles for ten days of training for two hours each.

Of course, I understand that not all owners have the opportunity to spend thousands of rubles on unique automated training systems. I’ll tell you a secret – you won’t need them first. The system can be built on “primitive” approaches.

I will speak for myself and the company – we only hire level 80 salespeople. Of those who know how to sell a product similar to ours, at least 80% worked in any CRM system, in the same Amo or Bitrix24, and have a relevant backstage in sales for at least three years.

This means the training system is based on job descriptions relevant to our company. We need to explain the very basics of sales to managers; they have already come to us with them.

And here is what we share with such candidates for training without fail:

In addition, there must be tests and practice in training. The system is divided into five blocks, which means there should be a test for product knowledge or a workshop on the CRM system after each. Of course, in actual cases.

In addition, salespeople should be provided with training on the company’s rules regarding sick leave and vacations and penalties for absence from the workplace.

In such documents, we also prescribe the criteria for a probationary period; here, we have four slices – 3, 7, 14, and 30 days, on which the employee responsible for the candidate checks his digital indicators – the number of processed leads sent by the CP, sales if the cycle allows. We need these cuts to determine the effectiveness of a future employee quickly. If the candidate does not cope with his tasks on the 14th day without objective reasons, we say goodbye to him. But after 30 days, the trial period ends. Success or failure is up to the individual.

If you are looking at a candidate’s work for two months, it makes sense to make cuts for 45 and 60 days of employment.

Is It Possible To Grow As A Salesperson?

You can, if patience and finances allow. But make no mistake – you won’t be able to save money on such an employee. Let’s count because business is always numbers.

But, as I said, Learning is an investment. How long will it pay off?

God forbid, if in a year. But here, you also need to understand that you will want to avoid giving strong leads to such a mini-manager; instead, you share simple ones—Group C, for example, where the average check is 50 thousand rubbles, not millions. And on them, a person will need to learn how to sell excellently.

And for such an employee, you need to spend other people’s resources. The same ROP will explain to him the essence of the work. To learn how to sell well, you need at least a year and or minus 10 thousand hours of complex sales.

Another misconception I hear from owners is that an employee trained in the company will be loyal to her. And I wonder: what is this loyalty manifested in? Will he go to work even with a temperature below 40, will he not go into depression, will he not play at a wedding, will he not go on maternity leave? Or is the main reason he won’t leave even if the company doesn’t pay his salary on time?

If the owner has temporary difficulties, you can tell experienced salespeople honestly about it, promising to solve the problem as soon as possible. People who see that a company pays salaries on time on a sound check are unlikely to leave because of one case with a delay.

Who Will Train

It all depends on the size of the company and its need for employees. If you need one manager every two or three months, the same ROP can easily handle his training. He will take over part of the recruitment – secondary interviews, selection of candidates, connection to movement, and adaptation.

If a company needs at least five candidates every month, I would hire a girl for a 30-50 thousand rubbles salary, which would be a conditional adaptor. And I would entrust her with the responsibility of monitoring training progress, taking tests, and accompanying a beginner in the first three days. So that she listens to his conversations, watches how he works in CRM and controls transactions. And only after that, if the sales showed promising results, did it pass it to the ROP.

And if you need a lot of salespeople, for example, 35 candidates per month, you should assemble a full-fledged department with a built-in funnel from the start of training to the withdrawal for a trial period. If you also automate the system, then you will be able to connect 100+ candidates to training. For example, we use knowledge bases inside Bitrix24, automated business systems with tracking.

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