Differences Between Cloud And Boxed Bitrix24

Differences Between Cloud And Boxed Bitrix24

A company consisting of Several people and for large organizations, Bitrix24 helps with a good set of business solutions to any company. The system integrates tools such as messaging and telephony, CRM, task and project management into a single working environment for your business. Bitrix24 can be used as an online service (cloud service, SaaS) and as a separate boxed solution (installed on your own server).

Cloud Service Bitrix24

Cloud technologies are very popular at the moment; they provide flexible management of the entire structure of the project and access to it from anywhere in the world where there is the Internet. Cloud service Bitrix24 can be the optimal solution for companies with up to 100 employees. Tariff plans take into account the capabilities of companies. If you need any specific settings for your needs, branding of the portal and its products, integration with other software, then you can always make the transition from the Bitrix24 cloud service to a boxed solution.

Bitrix24 (Boxed Version)

There are cases when it is necessary to use a boxed Bitrix24 solution and not a cloud one, For example, when the laws of the country require data storage in certain places when you need access to the source code of the product for some integrations, when you need those Bitrix24 tools that are not available in the cloud version, or when company policy prohibits access to the portal from the outside. The boxed version of Bitrix24 contains more tools and modules than the cloud service.

Unlike cloud service, the boxed version of Bitrix24 is a completely customizable system (you can change the logo, color scheme, layout, menu structure, pages, their content, add and remove widgets, change the menu, and CRM fields, etc.). The boxed version can be installed on the server at any hoster of your choice, as well as inside the local network on your corporate server with limited external access.

The boxed version of Bitrix24 is a product written in PHP. You can integrate third-party products and modules with Bitrix24. Integration with AD / LDAP is also supported. The availability of the boxed version in source codes allows flexible customization of the system and provides many integration options.

The maximum edition of the boxed version offers special modules such as Web cluster (which helps to distribute the load on the server and provides tools for scaling the system) and Multi-department (which allows you to create departments within the portal, usually required by companies that have a number of subsidiaries or branches with their own structure and work inside the branch).

Depending on the activities of your company, the number of employees, and the requirements for work, you can choose either the Bitrix24 cloud service with flexible tariff plans or a completely customizable box solution for your needs.

Note: The boxed version of Bitrix24 is sold as a final license. Each boxed license key comes with 1-year technical support and product updates. After the license expires, you will have a choice – you can renew technical support and receive product updates for another year or stay with the current version of the product. The features of the limited Bitrix24 license in a box can be found in a separate article.

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