Android 14: New Feature To Say Goodbye To Invasive Advertising

Android 14: New Feature To Say Goodbye To Invasive Advertising

Android 14 is very close to its debut. The new version of Google’s operating system will be released over the next few months, with the arrival of the first stable version. Meanwhile, Android 14 is in beta and has some new features yet to be officially announced.

Among these, a new function will allow users to block the display of overly invasive advertisements. In this way, the use of the applications will not be hindered by excessive use of banners, as happens, for example, on many free games and apps.

How The Android 14 Ad Blocker Works

The latest beta of Android 14, as revealed by the insider Mishaal Rahman, includes an exciting novelty in the code. Google is developing a feature allowing users to enable full-screen ad blocking by removing the “USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT” permissions.

It is still being determined how this feature will be implemented in the operating system. In any case, it is an option that guarantees users the possibility of eliminating excessive advertising within the applications for better access to the content.

With Android 14, it will be possible to choose which apps will be able to access the function to show full-screen advertising. Users, therefore, will also have greater control over this aspect and will be able to prevent apps from “exaggerating” with advertising banners, which sometimes make access to content almost impossible.

Furthermore, according to initial information, by the end of the year, all new apps installed on an Android 14 smartphone will not be authorized to show full-screen advertising. Google intends to remove the permission for access to this function by default. It will be the user who will have to activate the app permissions.

The operating system Settings will include a special section dedicated to managing full-screen advertising by applications installed on an Android 14 device. This section will allow complete control of the permissions granted to each app with users who can block incorrect and invasive behaviour of applications.

When Android 14 Arrives

Android 14 development continues. What’s new about blocking full-screen ads has been spotted in the latest one. The operating system has entered the final testing stage and is getting closer and closer to release.

The latest beta introduced several new features, focusing on security and great attention to privacy, with GPS data control and selective access to photos for applications installed on the device.

Google is expected to release Android 14 in a stable version as early as September, with various OEMs likely to start updating their smartphones in the first weeks of next fall. As per tradition, the first to correct will be the top-of-the-range smartphones of early 2023.

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