Increase Website Conversion In 10 Steps.

Increase Website Conversion In 10 Steps.

A mini-instruction that will allow even a beginner to increase website conversion by 10%

Connect Pop-Up

A pop-up window infuriates everyone but converts into a call to leave a contact to receive a discount or a gift.

Hide, But Smartly.

At one time, we hid part of the program to shorten the site. At the same time, it helped keep track of people interested in the tour program.

Help Plan

Only some people are ready to use your service anytime soon – give people freedom. For example, as before, we have set tour dates four months in advance instead of 2.

Create Unique Headlines

Your audience is not a single layer but several groups with different interests ultimately interested in your product. Reach out to each group individually with unique titles; the chance he will be interested will be higher.

Replace Photo

There may be beautiful stock photos but “without a soul”,; you can see them on every site on a given topic (and sometimes not only if you remember the story with the book and the Sberbank advertisement).

For example, we did it on a tour promotion site gradually as the base accumulated. Let these pictures be better, but the tourists are ours!

By this, we say: We take real tourists on authentic tours! We are not scammers and not newbies!

Create Straightforward Infographics.

For example, a price breakdown will help future tourists quickly navigate and choose a tour to suit their budget.

An example of our convenient breakdown on the site.

Customize the customer

“I’ll buy it at a discount, but later.” Yes, we clarified it’s not worth delaying: the carriage will become a pumpkin.


Even if it is clear to you that your product is unique, authorial and the coolest on the market, this is only sometimes clear to the client. Please explain it to him in the most accessible language.

An example of a clear comparative table of the authors and package tours is in the full article on our website.

Keep In Touch

Place contact buttons, phone numbers, and other information in the most visible place. For example, this button with a phone number increased the number of calls by 10%. And the conversion from them is always higher than from any correspondence. Do you connect with the final profit?

Connect Already to CRM!

This is convenient and facilitates the work of salespeople, but it also allows you to track the customer’s path better and identify “holes” in it.

By The Way, When Creating A Website, Connecting To CRM Is A Gift!

Yes, you guessed right, it does not increase the site’s conversion. But it increases sales by organizing the entire process. So let it be here.

And instead of a conclusion, let’s add: always connect and study site analytics in detail. She will tell you a lot of life hacks and steps.

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