What Are The B2B Methods Of Advertising For Attracting Customers

What Are The B2B Methods Of Advertising For Attracting Customers

Use Geo-Targeting

With the help of database vendors, which were mentioned in paragraph 1, you get a list of addresses of companies that interest you. When setting up the audience, select the company’s address and set the maximum radius for each organization you are interested in.

Another option for using geo-targeting is to focus on the flagship region and further expand the geography of impressions. In the case of kindergarten franchisees, we started with cities with a population of over a million since they have more reach and a higher audience income. A little later, we expanded the geography of impressions to all of Russia, except for Chechnya and Dagestan. This allowed us to increase the number of calls by two times.

Improve Your Ads

There are several ways to find out which ad option will be more attractive to the client:

  • Conducting an A/B test
  • Creating several ads in one group
  • Using the Campaign Wizard
  • For a Search A/B test, choose the title first and second. In YAN – images and headlines of ads.
  • Place ads with different offers in one group: Yandex will collect statistics and show the most converting option. For example, the request “Income from 373,000 rubles/month. Payback 9 months. Let’s sell 20 season tickets before the opening” was the most attractive for a kindergarten franchise seller. His CTR was 9.7% versus 8.6% and 6.7% for other options.
  • The Campaign Wizard contains built-in ad item analytics. Yandex.Direct shows which ad elements work well and which do not attract attention.

Use Near-Target Queries

In B2B advertising, there often comes the point when direct, targeted inquiries exhaust themselves. Cost per click is rising, and conversions are getting smaller. Another scenario is when users do not search for a product by direct requests.

Topic queries help to expand the audience and get cheaper applications. You need about one and a half to two times more near-target leads than direct traffic to achieve the same commercial result.
In the case of a kindergarten franchise seller, we received about 25% of requests from near-target requests (“women’s business,” “ready-made business”).

Increase Landing Page Conversions

An advertising campaign can be perfect, but if a person does not receive a clear offer on the site, does not see the “Make an order” button, the working conditions, the scope of delivery, etc., are not clear, then the conversion will tend to zero.

It is not enough to think over the landing page at the start. It is essential to repeatedly check the download speed, display in the mobile version, the correctness of submitting forms (the goal should work on raising the state, not clicking on it), and analyse user behaviour using a web browser.

Adding a chat to the site increased page conversion by 50% in the case of a dairy equipment manufacturer and by 91% in the case of a pillow manufacturer.

Check Your Ad Campaign Settings

We regularly audit advertising campaigns and often see errors that can only be annoying. Any of them is a guaranteed decrease in the effectiveness of advertising. Elimination of shortcomings leads to an improvement in the results of campaigns by 15-20% at least.

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