A New Key Is Coming To Our PCs

A New Key Is Coming To Our PCs

Coming soon to Windows is the key to activating Copilot functions. The new button officially ushers in the arrival of artificial intelligence on modern computers.

Big news coming for Windows users: a new key will arrive in the next computers with Microsoft’s operating system on board. The button in question is the first absolute novelty in the keyboard layout in several years and will be dedicated to the brand-new AI assistant, Copilot. Microsoft announced The news with a video in which you can see the icon and the position of the new button.

Copilot, What We Know About The New Button

As you can see in the video published by Microsoft, the new button will directly activate Copilot and, at least initially, will not be usable in combination with other keys for shortcuts, which instead happens today with the Windows key. If the Windows AI assistant is unavailable, pressing the button will activate the Search function.

The key will be placed at the bottom right, next to the Alt key, but the position may change depending on the target market.

The official arrival of the first keyboards with the new layout should be imminent and will affect all the new PCs produced by the various brands. However, for more information, we will have to wait for CESS 2024 in Las Vegas, which will be staged from January 9 to 12 and will present many new Windows notebooks.

Commenting on the news, Yusuf Mehdi, executive vice president and consumer marketing director at Microsoft, defined the arrival of the Copilot button as a system that allows users to interact with AI more straightforwardly and immediately, bringing these functions into daily use, allowing people not only to use these features but to become an active part of the transformation process.

In this sense, the arrival of the Copilot key can only bring to mind the arrival of the Windows key (dating back almost 30 years now) and redesigned how users could interact with the operating system.

Copilot, What Changes For Users

As is well known, with the arrival of Copilot, Windows users have an AI-based tool to improve productivity and receive help with different tasks, with the ability to automate many processes that can now be carried out by artificial intelligence.

It is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and allows you to optimize workflows by becoming a natural assistant to support users in their daily tasks.

Among the various possibilities of Copilot, you can create different types of documents, from Word documents to PowerPoint presentations, correct a text or a formula in Excel, and provide helpful writing tips and information on data analysis.

Artificial intelligence can also manage and reorganize an inbox or neatly store files and documents on a PC.

With Business Chat, on the other hand, the software becomes a real virtual agenda with reminders, contacts, updates and functions to assist the user in real-time and 24 hours a day in all his activities.

In the corporate environment, Copilot can connect members of the organization, simplifying collaboration and creating a kind of “shared knowledge archive” accessible to all company or educational institution employees.

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