Who Should Not Use Targeted Advertising?

Who Should Not Use Targeted Advertising?

Alas, targeted advertising is not suitable for everyone and not permanently. Things to consider:

  • Requirements for advertising on the site can be stringent. For example, beauticians and doctors find it challenging to create ads that are not “wrapped” – the network does not encourage drawing too much attention to the body.
  • B2B companies that choose a very narrow audience and offer an expensive product will find it more challenging to set up a compelling target. Agreeing to hook a woman who uses cosmetics in a large general mass of users is objectively more accessible than a middle manager from an agricultural company. A narrow niche is more expensive.
  • It is necessary to correlate the scale and specifics of the business with the scale and specifics of social networks. Let’s say you are the owner of a small coffee shop in the Business Centre, and only employees working in this centre can get to you; it makes little sense to run ads. Even if people are interested in your offer, they will not be able to receive it.

Disadvantages Of Targeted Advertising :

Targeted marketing is not magical. Testing hypotheses, errors, and correct solutions will take time and material investments. True, in this regard, only inaction compares favourably with the target. So what is the controversial target:

Uses personal data. Yes, this is a plus for businesses, but users often have a negative attitude toward collecting information about them and see it as violating their privacy. Foreign social networks are already following the audience’s lead and offer to turn off the collection of data about themselves. The result is less effective advertising and an expensive click for business, irrelevant and useless ads for users.

Works with a cold audience. People come to social networks not to watch ads – they are not motivated. Targeted advertising must be excellent to attract the user’s attention and inspire him to take the targeted action.

Follow the rules of the social network. Often a creative person may need to pass moderation in social networks. For example, advertising alcohol and tobacco “on the forehead” through the target will not work.

Requires awareness. Using the target as a tool is relatively easy, but care and professionalism will be required when working with large budgets. For advertising to work well, you need to prepare for its launch, carefully enter all the data and think about how best to allocate the budget (to cross this off your list, contact the pros to set up targeted advertising).

Requires constant engagement. To not “drain” the budget, it is essential to regularly monitor the audience’s reaction and edit the ad if something goes wrong. In addition, the audience quickly gets used to the advertising presentation, so you must regularly develop new creatives.

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