Various Market Places In Russia And Their Pros And Cons

Various Market Places In Russia And Their Pros And Cons


The second most popular marketplace in Russia. Currently, sellers note that its situation is better than on the WB.


  • There is a knowledge system that is available to every seller.
  • Convenient private office.
  • Earned the trust of consumers.
  • You can enter the site with almost any product.
  • Fewer stories of loss of goods or poor-quality delivery.
  • Voluntary participation in promotions.
  • Free registration on the site.


  • You can withdraw money only two times a month or with an additional fee.
  • The seller pays for returns.

This option is also worth considering for a novice seller.

Yandex Market

This is a less popular site in Russia, but it is in the TOP-5.


  • The seller may refuse to participate in promotions.
  • Relative to the first two marketplaces, the competition is low.
  • Four models of cooperation.
  • You can even receive payments daily.
  • Promotions for sellers.
  • The marketplace tries to support sellers and quickly respond to their questions.
  • You can connect to an existing product card instead of creating your own.


  • The product may leave the window if the rules are violated, and they change often.
  • When returning, the returned product’s quality and originality are not controlled, and there is a risk of fraud.
  • Significant competition in niches: electronics and home appliances.

We do not recommend choosing Yandex. The market is the first platform; you can additionally trade there.


This online marketplace sells clothes, shoes and accessories from well-known brands.


  • Mostly solvent audience.
  • There is no separate logistics fee.
  • The marketplace itself communicates with buyers.
  • The site does not force sellers to participate in promotions.
  • Quick withdrawal of earned money.
  • The marketplace monitors the quality of the product, so consumers have tremendous confidence in it.


  • Only some people can get there.
  • You must have a registered trademark.
  • Be sure to certify and declare goods.
  • The highest commissions are up to 70%.
  • Most of the processes need to be done manually.
  • At any time, the marketplace may terminate cooperation without explanation.
  • Strict content requirements: photos and descriptions.

Lamoda is only for some. Small sellers reselling someone else’s goods will need help to get there.


A relatively new promising marketplace owned by Sberbank.


  • Loyal attitude towards sellers.
  • Little competition compared to significant marketplaces.
  • Marketplace transfers earned money two times a week.
  • The marketplace often hosts promotions sponsored by itself.
  • The seller can choose the “Order and pick up” scheme: the buyer orders and picks up the goods, for example, from the seller’s offline store.
  • While there is little competition in the marketplace, it suits beginners.


  • Few warehouses.
  • Relatively small audience compared to the leaders.
  • SberMegaMarket is strongly recommended for beginners. The site will develop and capture the market. In this case, it is better to go to it as early as possible.

Working on all marketplaces simultaneously means more buyers will see you and the ability to compensate for sales drops on one site at the expense of another. It would help if you started with a suitable marketplace to strengthen your position and not fail at the very beginning when there are no fallback options yet. Then you can go to other sites that have a reliable foundation.

Most sellers start with WB, but there are better options for some. The marketplace that suits you may not be included in our selection, but you can analyze any site using the criteria indicated in this article.

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