How To Create A Selling Content Matrix For Social Networks And Blogs

How To Create A Selling Content Matrix For Social Networks And Blogs

Content is the primary tool for creating demand for a product and removing barriers before buying. Globally, our goal is to sell, and locally, the task is to make the buying decision for a person as simple as possible. To do this, we unpack, explore the target audience’s needs, and find out what objections and fears they may have. Based on all this, meanings are formulated, and they can change depending on what tasks you have now in priority.

If a specific product is launched, the meanings are dedicated to it and its ecosystem. Suppose sales are temporarily closed, but you have active advertising and work with a new audience’s loyalty. In that case, the meanings will be aimed at a positive presentation of your brand, company and team. If the New Year or other major holidays are on the nose, then meanings are formulated for this period.

An excellent tool was invented for all this work with meanings and the translation of meanings into content to have some structure: Content matrix.

What Is A Content Matrix?

A content matrix is ​​more than a rubricator but less specific than a content plan. This is the basis for a content plan that will help you be more flexible. I would refuse to spend time on a long-term content plan on some projects and work only with a content matrix. I wrote a separate article about this.

In my opinion, the content matrix is ​​more important than the content plan because you can do without a content plan, but the matrix will help you not to fall into a stupor and guide the work of a copywriter and story maker. She provides you with many ideas for publications and ensures for all occasions and keeps your attention on the product and target audience does not allow you to be scattered.

How To Understand Which Content Idea Is Suitable For Sales And Which Is Not

Remember that a good blog idea is one that:

  • interesting and helpful to readers
  • about your products or services
  • helps to sell a product or attract the right target audience to the blog

The content matrix will become an idea generator – filling it out will show you areas to think about and specific topics to write about.

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