The Best DVB-T2 Decoders For Digital Terrestrial To Buy In 2022

The Best DVB-T2 Decoders For Digital Terrestrial To Buy In 2022

Discover in our buying guide the best decoders for the new DVB-T2 digital terrestrial to buy this year
By now, the transition from the old to the new digital terrestrial has ended: all the Italian regions are ready to embrace the latest technology that will improve the quality of content. The improvement is due to a change in codecs and technology that obliges Italians to have ad hoc devices to receive the digital terrestrial signal. Most intelligent TVs purchased in recent years can receive the DVB-T2 alert (the new generation digital terrestrial). Still, in some cases, it is necessary to intervene by buying an external decoder. There are many on the market, all similar but different in some particular characteristics. We at Libero Tecnologia have selected five, each with its peculiarities. But they have one thing in common: the price is affordable for everyone. Here’s what they are.

Kingbox DVB-T2 Digital Terrestrial Decoder

The Kingbox decoder for digital terrestrial allows you to receive DVB-T2 channels without too many problems. One of the strong points is undoubtedly the simplicity in configuration and use: it only takes a few minutes to connect it to the TV and start tuning the channels. The features offered by the decoder, however, do not end there. It also allows you to transmit images and videos on an external media, such as a portable hard disk or a USB stick, to the TV: connect them to the USB output. The decoder can also connect to the Internet to see the videos on YouTube. There are two solutions: connect it directly to the modem via an Ethernet cable, or insert a Wi-Fi antenna into the USB port. Finally, the decoder also allows you to record your favorite programs on external media so you can review them at home.

Leelbox DVB-T2 Decoder Ministick Digital Terrestrial Receiver

The Leelbox mini-decoder is the ideal solution for those with little space available and does not want to have a decoder on the TV cabinet. It’s the same size as a Fire TV Stick and plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port. The operation is effortless: on the one hand, you connect it to the TV via HDMI; on the other hand, you click the antenna wire. Once accessed, it takes a few minutes to tune the channels, and you can start seeing the new second-generation digital terrestrial. Despite its compact size, there is no shortage of unique features: by connecting a hard disk (formatted in FAT32) to the USB port, you can record your favorite programs to play them anytime. For sound fanatics, however, there is also support for Dolby Audio technology. The package also has a remote control to manage both the TV and the decoder.

DVB-T2 Digital Terrestrial Decoder With Socket

If you have an old TV at home without an HDMI socket, you need to buy a decoder with a SCART output. Models with this particular feature are not many, but some are still on the market. Such as this one we are proposing to you. It is very compact and plugs directly into your TV’s SCART socket. The operation is simple and follows that of all the other decoders: once switched on and connected, the tuning starts to receive the DVB-T2 channels. On the body, we also find a USB 2.0 port to which you can connect a key or an external hard drive to see images and videos on the TV screen. In the package, we also find a remote control with 2 in 1 function: it can manage both the decoder and the TV.

Nokia DVB-T / DVB-T2 Digital Terrestrial Decoder

We all know Nokia for its cell phones (before) and its smartphones. Few people know that the Finnish manufacturer has also launched its decoder for the new digital terrestrial. And compared to all the others, it stands out for a reasonably sophisticated design; it is almost entirely flat and takes up very little space. As for the assembly, it only takes five minutes. Connect it to the power outlet, the antenna wire, and the TV via the HDMI port. Once these steps have been completed, the tuning has to be started, and that’s it. Compared to other decoders, it stands out for a handy function: its personalized channel lists based on your tastes: cinema only, sport only, entertainment only, and so on. Furthermore, thanks to the USB port, it is possible to connect keys or hard disks to transmit videos and photos.

DVB-T2 H265 HEVC 10 Decoder

This new generation digital terrestrial decoder is one of the most complete you can find around. In addition to the classic HDMI output to connect it to your TV, it also has a SCART output, which is very useful with older devices. The configuration is high-speed: first, you have to connect it to the power, then attach the antenna and finally connect it to the TV. It supports DVB-T2 technology and also MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 formats. Present the premium features: you can record your favorite shows and connect them to the Internet via the Ethernet output to watch videos on YouTube. Finally, linking external support makes it possible to see images and videos directly on the TV screen.

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