How To Blog On Instagram

How To Blog On Instagram

A new trend appeared on social networks: users are interested not only in photos but also in texts. Thematic blogs have appeared, in which they talk about proper nutrition, makeup, motivation, parenting, or just about their lives. Judging by the number of followers on such accounts and interactions under publications, users are ready to consume not only visual content in contact but also read texts, even long ones.

Therefore, wanting to start and run an Instagram blog might be a good idea. But first, how do you run it? As with the concept of an account, a blog also needs it. Define the list of topics you write about and indicate them in the header of the profile.

Subscribe to the pages of users whose content you like. Please pay attention to how often they publish posts and at what time they do it. How questions are asked to the audience in posts, and what topics the audience is more actively discussing.

An Instagram post contains up to 2200 characters. If your text doesn’t fit in this size, move part of it to the first comment; this is a common practice among bloggers. The problem will arise if there are fewer discussions: then users will have to take a long time to get to the first comment on the topic. Therefore, it is better to shorten texts or split the story into several posts, publishing them under one hashtag.

How To Go Live On Instagram

Any user can broadcast on Instagram. After the end, it will be available, like stories, for 24 hours.
To start the broadcast, go to the news feed and click on your avatar (just like when creating Stories). Select the “Live” option from the horizontal menu at the bottom. Now, by clicking “Start,” you will be able to go live on Instagram.

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How Do You Attract An Audience To A Live Broadcast?

Warn your subscribers about the broadcast in advance: make an announcement in a post or stories. To do this, analyze your social media account in Popsters. On the “Activity/Days of the Week” and “Activity/Time of Day” charts, you will find the best days and times for live broadcasts.

Wait until a larger audience gathers; wait to get to the main topic of the broadcast. But at the same time, you can keep viewers who have already arrived: figure out in advance what you will do for the waiting time. Tell stories about the topic of the broadcast or make it interactive: answer subscribers’ questions or, conversely, ask them about something.

How Do I Start Running Instagram?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to maintain an Instagram account:

  1. Decide on a topic if you’re blogging.
  2. Find a photo style and a processing style that you will follow.
  3. Subscribe to competitor accounts and profiles that you want to be like.
  4. Fill out your profile: choose a bright avatar, and write about yourself and the topic of your blog in the “Bio” section.
  5. Make a few posts about the new concept. In order for new visitors to get an idea of the account, 6-8 posts are enough.

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