Instagram Tests a New Feature: We Will Say Goodbye To Links In Bio

Instagram Tests a New Feature: We Will Say Goodbye To Links In Bio

Instagram offers links in Stories only to users with over 10,000 followers, but with the new feature coming, everyone else will be able to say goodbye to links in bio

Instagram is testing a new feature that may soon make us say goodbye to links in bio. The platform has decided to introduce stickers dedicated to links, a different one from the methodology now used, or the swipe-up, and to make it available to everyone without any constraint related to the number of followers.

The news of the integration was released by The Verge after receiving confirmation from Vishal Shah, Head of the product of Instagram. The idea, according to the statements of the representative of the application dedicated mainly to sharing photos and videos, is to test the use that users make of direct links outside, to understand which contents are most visited and if, somehow, the feature is used to spread the dreaded fake news. According to Shah, the feature will be inserted exclusively in the Stories where it is destined to remain, at least until otherwise ordered.

Instagram, How Links Work In Stories

As anticipated, the new links included in the Instagram Stories will have a different mechanism than what we have seen so far. You will not need to swipe up to access the linked content, but you can instead use stickers to apply to shared images or clips.

By tapping on the graphic element, the platform will automatically open the browser of the device, referring the user to the linked external web page. The sticker appears clear: it is the destination URL address, preceded by a stylized icon in the shape of a chain, in line with the very concept of a link.

Thus, it will become possible to link the single story with a specific webpage, avoiding having to rely on the link in the bio to be modified every time, leaving the oldest references in the photo captions uncovered.

Instagram, How Links Are Inserted Now

Currently, only profiles with more than ten thousand followers have the expected function to reach external sites; to these are added the verified who are, in many cases, accompanied by a large number of people in tow. Often cut off are educators, activists, and figures who cannot count on many fans but who would benefit from the opportunity to refer to in-depth studies hosted beyond the wall of Instagram.

With this possibility, the app takes a step in the same direction as TikTok which, just a few days ago, introduced the so-called Jump. The “jumps” allow users to connect to external applications, including Wikipedia pages and other destinations which, however, must first be screened and accepted by the social network (thus excluding the direct connection a priori with each website).

Instagram, When The Feature Will Arrive

The stickers are not yet public, as for the moment Instagram has chosen to carry out its tests with a small group of people. Once the tests have been completed, they will be able to peek through the tools of all users: we just have to wait and continue to use the link in bio.

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