Antivirus Information Protection

Antivirus Information Protection

Reliable protection of information from viruses in modern realities is not limited to installing special software (SW). This is a complex of organizational and technological measures, where installing an antivirus is, although fundamental, only part of the protection.

The specialists of our company will conduct a deep analysis of the system’s current state and select, install and configure antivirus information protection tools to the customer’s requirements. This is a guarantee of data confidentiality. And this directly affects the company’s reputation, and enterprise, allowing you to meet the advanced industry requirements. It also allows you to avoid penalties, administrative, property, and criminal liability for violation of Federal Law 152.

Strict Security Standards To Protect Information From Viruses

The regulations in force in Russia are strict. They are focused on providing 100% data protection. This is due to the desire to encourage companies and organizations to create a working security system to exclude the “appearance of decision-making”.

But international standards are even more stringent. They apply not only to devices on the local network but also to remote access points. That is, it is necessary to ensure that interaction with a partner’s computer, tablet, or laptop will be safe. Otherwise, the dynamic development of business and its integration into the international system is impossible.

There is a myth that antivirus solutions are a kind of magnet for malware; without them, such software will not penetrate the system.

Such an opinion must be more technically justified, based on superficial knowledge. In the modern world, one can only do with antiviruses, software and a set of measures to prevent unauthorized intrusions into the system.

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How Reliable Information Protection Is Organized

It is believed that antivirus protection of information is a tool that is available to everyone. It is enough to find a free utility or program and install and activate it. Such a solution will protect the average user’s PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone by only 50-60%. Organizations that collect and process antivirus installation data will not be enough for large companies.

A simple approach to organizing data protection, performing actions “for a show”, leads to the following problems:

  • computer performance decreases (some antivirus solutions heavily load equipment);
  • high risk of not only leakage but also the destruction of information;
  • inability to resist unknown malware.

Protection of information using antivirus protection requires a professional approach. It starts with an analysis of the system and equipment used.

Antivirus protection can be installed on any equipment: printers and scanners. It is also provided by installing special software on Internet gateways. This practical solution aims to protect devices where antivirus cannot be installed.

But protecting information with antivirus protection means not only installing programs but also performing the following activities:

  • I am Checking removable media before starting to work with them. Such a step is considered obsolete
  • but will not be superfluous. A more practical solution is to limit the use of devices;
  • Attachments from letters should be saved to disk, checked, and then opened;
  • introduction of restrictions for file types;
  • Blocking software, platforms that are not needed to perform official duties;
  • limiting user rights to the minimum necessary for fast, efficient execution of operations;
  • installation of filters on mail servers;
  • Periodic updating of all software used for information protection.

But even reliable antivirus information protection tools will not replace employees’ awareness. Managers and specialists of companies should know how malware penetrates the system and how to prevent it. It should be understood that in 80% of cases, viruses enter the network due to erroneous actions of personnel.

It is also necessary to periodically monitor the vulnerabilities of the system. This is because installing a software update closes known security holes but may open new passages for viruses to penetrate.

Antivirus information protection tools are measures that should be carried out periodically. More is needed to install the utility and configure it. Even licensed versions are not able to provide complete data protection.

Reliable Information Protection At Affordable Prices

Contact us, reduce reputational risks, and create a base for business promotion. We will create a system that will save data from destruction and leakage. We rely on our practical experience and current industry standards in our work. We guarantee our clients:

  • functional, operational analysis of the system used;
  • development of an action plan aimed at eliminating existing vulnerabilities;
  • selection, installation and configuration of antivirus software;
  • the possibility of periodic monitoring of exposures.

We work with licensed software and provide professional information support. The work is carried out promptly, and the tasks set by the client are solved.

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