Cerberus – Banking Malware Attack

Cerberus – Banking Malware Attack

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Most users know that malware is a constant threat. However, protection against this threat is often neglected, especially when it comes to smartphones. Well-known banking malware that targets Android devices used for online banking is booming. We’re talking about Cerberus. The following article explains what the virus is all about and how you can protect yourself from it.

Cerberus: The Discovery Of The Hellhound

The term Cerberus comes from Greek mythology and describes a hellhound there – an extremely apt name for this banking malware. The virus was first discovered in 2019 by the Russian IT security company Kaspersky. Cerberus sneaks into Android devices and steals data related to online banking. This makes malware an insidious problem for banks and online banking users.

Publication of the source code leads to an increase in infections.

After the developers of the virus had spoken about alleged further plans with Cerberus in April 2020, the publication of the source code in July of the same year came as a more than surprise. At first, the developers probably tried to sell their work. When that failed, they decided to publish the source code on a Russian underground forum under the name Cerberus v2. Since then, Cerberus has been open to hackers and cybercriminals around the world and can be used free of charge.

The result: The number of infected devices rose rapidly and is still on a high. According to Kaspersky’s observations, users in Russia and Europe are a popular target.

Cerberus is more dangerous than before

Cerberus is not only more active but also more dangerous than before. In version v2, the malware succeeds in sending and accessing SMS codes, cracking two-factor authentication, opening overlays for online banking services, diverting calls, and retrieving credit card details. So we are dealing with highly functional malware that confronts Android users with an extremely real and almost frenzied threat.

Three Tips To Protect Against Cerberus And Other Attackers

What can you do to protect yourself from Cerberus and similar viruses? Those who take these three tips to heart take precautions and can reliably avert the danger:

App download from official sources only

All apps – whether for banking or other use – should only be obtained from known, official sources, i.e., the app or play store.

Perform updates

Updates for applications and the operating system should be carried out seamlessly and as promptly as possible. In this way, potential security gaps are closed quickly.

Use recognized safety programs.

In addition, the use of a recognized, really effective security program is recommended not only on the desktop but also for mobile devices.

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