Organization Of Data Processing And Protection At The Enterprise

Organization Of Data Processing And Protection At The Enterprise

The Integrus group of companies organizes data protection through algorithms for collecting, processing, and storing information. Our specialists will increase security, prevent unauthorized penetration into electronic databases, reduce reputational risks, and help avoid penalties and administrative, disciplinary, and property liability provided by Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”.

Organization of personal data protection

The professional organization of data security and information protection helps departmental institutions and companies to revise policies and implement effective ways to protect the personal data of customers, partners, and employees. Security, in this case, is based on the following fundamental points:

  • Assessment of the current state of the technical hardware component of the system used, the search for vulnerabilities;
  • Organization of personal data protection systems that companies implement and institutions (these are policies from which the general regulation is formed);
  • compliance of passwords with international standards;
  • Development of counteractions, the use of means of protecting personal data in the organization, used in the event of an attempt at unauthorized access to information

The organization of personal data protection includes work with personnel. This is because, in 80% of cases, the employees initiate the penetration of malware into the system. This happens without malicious intent on the part of the employee. Viruses penetrate in the following way:

  • with software updates;
  • through letters sent to e-mail;
  • when clicking on links;
  • via removable media.

The organization of work on protecting personal data is based, among other things, on assignment with personnel. Instructions and policies are made mandatory for review; classes are conducted in real-time.

We will help to create and organize the organization’s work to protect personal data. This will increase the security and effectiveness of countering attempts of unauthorized entry into systems to steal information. Qualified unit employees monitor the implementation of the privacy policy, preventing unauthorized access to the system by third parties.

The organization of the protection of the information system of personal data requires an integrated approach based on work on the hardware, software component and staff training. Only in this way is it possible to create an effective counteraction to virtual threats, to protect information from leakage.

System And Measures For Organizing Data Protection

Our task is to ensure the safety of data, to exclude the loss of access to them by responsible persons, and to prevent the penetration of third parties. Measures for the protection of personal data in the organization include the organization:

  • Automatic timeout of the user terminal. If not used, identification and password are required to reopen;
  • automatic disconnection of the user ID when entering several erroneous passwords, an event log file (monitoring of hacking attempts);
  • Data protection systems in an organization require the development of a personnel policy. It defines the rights of each employee to access personal data;
  • Informing staff of the responsibilities and consequences for any breach thereof. Providing employees with access to personal data and resources as part of their official duties;
  • Access control for the use of certain areas of data processing systems.

An action plan for protecting personal data in an organization is drawn up based on an analysis of the available resources and the goals that the customer sets for our specialists. Then it is agreed upon with the client, and the implementation begins. The final stage is to check the efficiency and performance of the implemented algorithms and installed equipment.

Information security systems in an organization are virtual and physical protection. This means restricting access to the premises where the server equipment is located (installation of alarms, access control systems, equipment of security posts). We will help you find a reliable provider if the organization uses cloud technologies.

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Regulation On The Protection Of Personal Data

According to 152-FZ, the employer is obliged to ensure the protection of the personal data of employees. Otherwise, Roskomnadzor has the right to impose penalties on the enterprise responsible for working with information of persons. This is a fine, a ban on holding certain positions or imprisonment. The regulation on protecting the personal data of employees of the organization will reduce the risk of imposing penalties on enterprises, companies, and officials responsible for collecting and processing information.


It is forbidden to receive and work with data unrelated to labour activity. Personal data is any information about an employee (name, place of residence, information about relatives). Legislation requires employers to have and use a provision for collecting and handling this kind of data.

The development of a regulation on the processing and protection of personal data in an organization includes the following steps:

  • determining what data is being used;
  • collection methods;
  • processing methods;
  • storage rules.

Our experts will develop a provision following the tasks set and drawn up by applicable standards.

Appointment of persons responsible for the organization of data protection

According to 152-FZ, a company that works with personal data must have a person responsible for this. The legislation does not contain qualification requirements for such an employee. Therefore the owner of the company, enterprise or a person authorized by him chooses a candidate independently.

Often, an order to appoint those responsible for organizing personal data protection is drawn up for a specialist who works with personnel documentation or a client base. According to the law, the employee reports directly to the head of the enterprise organization.

Regardless of who is responsible for protecting personal data in an organization, it must be a trained person. Both theoretical and practical training is implied. Our specialists will conduct training for an employee (or several) chosen by the employer to organize work with personal data within the framework of the legislation and approved internal regulations.

The organization of the processing and protection of personal data by our company is operational, professional work. The client is guaranteed the result and the practical solution to the tasks.

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