What Testing Problems Does Crowd Testing Help With?

What Testing Problems Does Crowd Testing Help With?

Lack Of Full-Time Testers

The company only sometimes has the resources to assemble a large department of testers – for various reasons, this is not practical. But even if full-time testers can handle the base load, the entire amount of work can be difficult during significant releases. For example, many features have been added in the new update, but it takes a long time to test them on your own.

Crowd testing will help you quickly endure the growth in the number of tasks, work in a short time, and optimize costs without hiring additional specialists. And it’s also an opportunity to unload full-time testers from routine and allow them to deal with high-level tasks.

No Way To Test All User Scenarios

The more user scenarios testers can test, the better the product will perform. During crowding, you can conduct parallel testing and run all scenarios simultaneously on different devices. For example, to check how the application will work for someone who connects during the free period and how it will work for someone who immediately pays for full functionality.

It Is Only Sometimes Possible To Imitate The Desired Devices

Testing a product on your own on all devices, operating systems and browsers used by the target audience can be difficult and expensive. In-house teams may need the right equipment to test in different environments and situations.

Users on the crowd-testing platform use their smartphones and computers with privacy settings, ad blocking, and regional specifics. This allows you to simulate behaviour scenarios on all possible devices, which is almost unattainable in classical testing.

Difficulties With Geographically Dependent Cases

Staff testers are often located in the same city or region, so they can only sometimes evaluate the performance of the interface in different countries and time zones and also consider language barriers and cultural differences.

On crowd-testing platforms, you can request users from different countries and with a specific language. This precise testing will help you find visual errors that can confuse customers, create ambiguity, and negatively impact your business.

Little Feedback From Different Channels

Testers in a company, over time, may unconsciously develop their own biases and expectations, which can affect the assessment of the product. With multiple sources of information, a company can be sure that independent experts from different audiences and backgrounds have objectively evaluated the interface.

The platform offers:

  • Large and geographically distributed community.
  • A handy bug tracker for collecting and processing data on found bugs.
  • Direct interaction with beta testers in real-time.
  • Access to thousands of device and OS combinations.
  • High feedback rate: in a matter of hours, you receive detailed reports on the defects found.
  • Speed ​​and flexibility of test coverage scaling. You can adjust the reach of participants at any time.
  • A personal manager who will advise and help at all stages of testing. This allows you to reduce the cost of your own test team.
  • Security and privacy. The platform is designed to securely deliver your build to selected testers with results that only you can see.

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