Why You Need To Choose At Least Wifi 6 And A Modem With Mesh Standard

Why You Need To Choose At Least Wifi 6 And A Modem With Mesh Standard

When choosing the next modem, the first detail to consider is the wifi transmission standard: when buying today, it is essential to opt for a device with at least wifi 6. In the past, the wifi standards were recognized by some letters: B/G/N, shown on the packaging. Today, however, we have chosen to simplify assigning numbers. Standard B is the slowest; version G is the middle ground; N is faster but far behind wifi 6.

When it’s time to buy a new modem, it is essential to check on the box what information is written; today, you should avoid any product that is not at least wifi 6. The 6E wifi standard has already arrived; currently, the devices with this solution are still costly. In reality, with the beginning of 2023, the leading manufacturers are already launching devices with wifi 7; for home use, you can stop at the previous generation.

Wifi 6 allows you to manage multiple connections simultaneously, ensuring a more stable bandwidth and more efficient data transmission for each of them.

. Also, wifi 6 is much more efficient, even in exceptionally crowded places, with many simultaneous connections.

Why Choose A Modem With The Mesh standard

 When you choose a modem, it must also address the coverage issue: wifi 6 is more efficient in terms of connection quality but is less potent in its range. This means that a single signal is generally not enough to cover an entire apartment: fortunately, new devices can use a new solution called ” Mesh Network. ” Satellites are added to the primary device with a click, which extends the coverage, however using a single network name with a single password: the network that is created behaves like that of cell phones because computers, smartphones, tablets, connected to wifi, will always use the strongest signal available in the room they are in.

Some modems are sold in packs containing satellites to be connected to the mesh system. In other cases, however, additional products can be purchased later in case of need. Netgear devices, to name one of the best brands out there, are built to use extra bandwidth for the connection between the heart of the network and its satellites so as not to take up space on the frequencies used by wifi. On the other hand, those of the  Fritzbox family connect with a single click without even having to use the helper application for configuration.

Let’s Consider The Modem Software

When it comes to choosing a new modem, another fundamental element is that of the management software. Some more expensive products offer much more complex and complete solutions, capable of performing many functions and absorbing handy functions. Fritzbox devices, for example, contain an actual switchboard, complete with an answering machine: not only that, by installing a simple application on your mobile phone, when you are under wifi coverage, you can answer landline calls with your mobile phone.

On the other hand, Netgear products offer a complete protection service for all connected devices and a private network to which you can connect even when you are away from home. In this way, even when you are not connected to your wifi network, you can still enjoy the same very high standard of protection, which protects you from the most common online risks.

Price Isn’t Everything

If you buy a new modem, you must never forget that you are choosing the technological beating heart of your home, a real hub around which many of the services used in modern homes revolve. This is why the most complete, safest, and most durable products are slightly more expensive: this purchase must be considered an essential structural investment. A few euros more can be worth a lot fewer headaches.


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