What Is Broadband? Internet At The Speed Of Light

What Is Broadband? Internet At The Speed Of Light

What Is Broadband?

Broadband Internet refers to the network that allows data to be transmitted at high speeds. Therefore, the more broadband you have, the more data can pass through it, and, therefore, you will navigate much faster with your Internet connection.

Let’s make an analogy: imagine a pipe. The wider the pipe, the more water flow will pass through it. Well, broadband works the same, but instead of water through the pipes, movies, files, images, or music pass through. With a broadband connection you avoid traffic jams, the speed of data traffic is higher and therefore the internet will be much faster.

How Has Broadband Evolved?

The term broadband has evolved. A few years ago ADSL was considered a broadband connection, while today a 600Mbps connection is considered broadband, almost 30 times the speed of ADSL.

Another point that has evolved is the upload and download megabytes. At first, more download megabytes were required, since more data was received or downloaded than was sent or uploaded. On the other hand, now more intensive use is made of both download and upload megabytes, which is why many operators offer you the same upload speed as download speed, which is known as symmetrical fiber optics.

In addition, now you can enjoy a more complete broadband telephone service at home, since television, landline telephone and one or more mobile lines can be added to your internet rate.

Advantages Of Having Broadband Internet

Enjoying a rate with a broadband connection is becoming easier. In case you are thinking that contracting with a mobile broadband internet operator, we show you the main advantages, so that you can know first-hand if you need it or not.

  • Bandwidth allows more users to connect at the same time.
  • Higher broadband connection speeds are better.
  • Much of the territory has broadband coverage.
  • Low rates on your internet
  • enables you to do more online activities
  • Broadband won’t take up your phone line.
  • Thanks to broadband, video conferencing is possible.
  • With telecommuting becoming more popular, broadband is closer than ever.

What Is The Right Broadband Internet Provider?

Depending on the type of internet connection you have, the broadband speed will be different. Fiber optic and ADSL are considered broadband internet, but there is no color with the speed that each one offers you. While the maximum ADSL broadband internet speed is 30Mb in some operators, with fiber we can reach up to 1000Mb.

This difference is essential to know what bandwidth you need. It is possible that fiber optic coverage does not reach your home and you can only contract ADSL. In this case, we are sorry to tell you that, although it is not the most appropriate, it is the only option you have.

The problem, to call it something, comes with fiber optics, since here you can choose different broadband speeds on your internet: there are rates ranging from 100Mb to 1Gb. Therefore, depending on the use you make of your internet, one bandwidth or another will be more appropriate.

With Broadband, You Will Navigate Like Lightning

With a broadband connection, you will be able to download your stuff much faster. The higher the bandwidth, the faster everything will go. Remember, to check if your internet connection is broadband, take a look at the upload and download speed. If this is 100Mbps or higher, you have a broadband connection, but it can go up to 1Gbps.

Having a broadband connection is not only based on the advantages of having a higher speed but also through this network you will be able to carry out a multitude of tasks that another connection will not allow you (teleworking, online games, downloading videos and content, watching series and movies streaming, among others)

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