The Internet Doesn’t Work, And Now, What To Do?

The Internet Doesn’t Work, And Now, What To Do?

My Internet Doesn’t Work, What To Do?

You have been without an internet connection for a while so let’s go to the kit of the question. First of all, keep calm, most of the time when we cannot connect to the internet, it is solved by restarting the router.

It is very common, for example, when the power goes out in our house that when trying to reconnect to the internet it does not work but it is connected. Well, here you will be able to check where the problem is, and in a few minutes, you will not even remember why you were so worried about not having the internet.

Of course, if none of the tips on this list work, you can get upset. Well, or call your operator to solve it in the best possible way. After all, that’s your job, right?

Even if none of these tips work for you, you will be halfway done, since this way you will be able to tell the operator all the steps that you have carried out and have not worked so that the solution is faster.

Is The Internet Not Working Through My Router?

If the internet is down, the router should be your prime suspect. The first thing you should check is that it is well connected to the network. This is something so obvious that sometimes we even forget.

If you have seen that it is perfectly connected and that the cables are in good condition, check the lights on the device. Even if you never pay attention to them, they are a very easy way to check that everything is going well.

If the Wi-Fi light is not on, the mystery is solved, the problem is the router. Try to restart it (they usually have a button on the back or side to do it) and see if the error continues. If it continues, you can try to reset it as the last option.

In case you have to restart your router and you cannot find the button that we have mentioned before, it will be enough to unplug your router and wait a few seconds before turning it back on. Remember to wait a few seconds also in case you click on the button. About 30 seconds will be more than enough.

If after restarting the router the internet still does not work, you can restore the default settings to make sure completely that the reason for not having internet does not go through your router and we have to move on to the next point.

Has a red light appeared on the router? Please call customer service or technical support directly. Although each router has a different configuration, this usually indicates that a problem has occurred. It may mean that there is a network error or that your router is not working properly due to a fault.

Some operators can provide support from their websites. For example, Movistar does it through the Alejandra portal, from where you can configure your Movistar router, among other things.

My Wi-Fi Is Not Working

If your router is not to blame for your lack of internet connection, the problem may lie in your Wi-Fi connection. It is very common that if you do not have internet but it is connected, the Wi-Fi is the culprit. To make sure that the problem is not here, try connecting your computer to the router via cable.

The internet failure you are experiencing may be that one of your Wi-Fi channels is saturated. Within the configuration of your router, you will be able to see the channel you are using and which is the one that will offer you the best internet connection.

That even with these we are not hitting the nail on the head, we move on to the next point but do not lose faith, we are sure that one of these tips is the remedy to bring your internet back to life.

Check Your Computer

Let’s rule out options. After the router and Wi-Fi, the computer is the next device involved in establishing the connection to the Internet. You should check that all Wi-Fi settings are set correctly and that you have not disabled anything.

If your computer has buttons on the sides, make sure you haven’t touched any. Some computers come with a switch to disconnect wireless connections, this could be one of the problems.

If you’ve checked everything and it’s still not working, try another device to confirm it’s not your computer’s problem. It may be that your PC has broken down and you are blaming your poor router for the fact that the internet does not work.

Try To Ping

No, it’s not the dance of the summer, it’s a way to check the online status of a device. To check it from a Windows computer, follow these steps:

  • Start
  • Run
  • cmd
  • Type ping followed by any web page

If you have a Mac, the process to follow is the following:

  • Open the Terminal app (you’ll find it inside the Others folder)
  • Type ping followed by a web page

After this, the program will show you the time that the computer takes to download a web page. That is, in connecting to it. If the program indicates that the page could not be accessed, it is because your internet does not work.

If it results in very high times, it means that your internet is very slow. Although it is also true that sometimes we can be suspicious and think that our Wi-Fi is being stolen.

Now that you know that the problem is with your connection, you can calmly call your company, they will solve everything.

Beware Of P2P Programs

I’m sure many of you will know programs like eMule, Ares, or uTorrent. And even more, several of you will have also used them in your day-to-day for the direct download of files. These are P2P programs that, although they seem like a thing of the past, there are people who will continue to use them today.

For this reason, special attention must be paid when we see that our internet does not work properly and we have problems when browsing since we must take into account that this type of problem can block our internet connection at some point.

In these cases, what should be done is to close the P2P program on the device we are using and start the system again.

That The Internet Does Not Work Is No Longer a Concern

As you have seen there are times when the internet fails you can fix it on your own. These tricks help you solve the small problems that your Wi-Fi suffers on a day-to-day basis and thus save you an entertaining call to your company.

Of course, you should keep in mind that it will only serve you to solve simple problems, for the biggest ones you will have to call your operator. After all, they are the professionals here but the easier you make it for them the faster they can fix your internet connection problems.

But if you see that your company does not pay any attention to you and you spend more days in which your internet does not work well than in which the connection is optimal, it may be time for a change.

Take a look at the rates that we show you and the contract a portability offers. You can find a lot of companies that will be willing to offer you the best internet at the best price.

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