6 Main Problems With Landing Pages

6 Main Problems With Landing Pages

In order to advertise any particular product, one or more landing pages are created. Sometimes it happens that visitors, having gone to the landing page, immediately leave it. What are the reasons for this? Let’s try to understand, highlighting the main points.

1. Lack of focus on the audience  – sometimes the page is created as the designer wanted, and not as convenient for the buyer. Before developing a landing page, you need to understand what target group it will be designed for, so you need to understand the tastes and preferences of potential customers. To some extent, you will even have to think as a visitor – for what purpose he came, what language he speaks, what he would like to see, what he fears, and so on.

2. Weak title Landing page authors often ignore the importance of the title and do not pay much attention to it. The title is the first thing anyone who visits the page sees. Indistinct phrases, and sometimes some numbers without explanation, cause confusion and bewilderment, after a while – a desire to leave a strange place. And vice versa, a short, bright, and meaningful thesis arouses interest in the product and, if not the desire to buy, then at least consider the offer.

3. General text – sometimes the product description on the landing page takes up too much space. The purpose of a landing page is to draw the attention of customers to one service, so long detailed explanations in the style of “our company were founded in.” and descriptions can tire and confuse the visitor. The brevity and specificity of the text are also justified due to the fact that many people currently use mobile gadgets to view Internet pages.

4. No portfolio, cases, or use cases  – there are no specific results of the product. In order for visitors to have fewer doubts about a product or service, you need to have several brief reviews of real customers on the page or links to samples of work performed.

5. No call to action – Often the impulse to buy is not given importance, believing that the visitor will figure it out himself. This is, in fact, the same conversion button, clicking on which the buyer performs the action required from him. Therefore, a call to action, or CTA, should be, while it should be clear and visible.

6. Landing efficiency is not measured  – it is not uncommon for service providers to create landing pages, websites, and online stores and calm down, believing that the job is done. But this is only the beginning! You need to optimize a page or website with A/B testing. It is very rare that you manage to make an excellent selling landing page the first time, as a rule, this is the result of consistent optimization – selection of the most effective headline, image, text, and call to action.

Practice, testing of various types, and analysis of effectiveness will help you find the most appropriate option in each case.

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