How To Ensure Uninterrupted Website Access For Millions Of Buyers

How To Ensure Uninterrupted Website Access For Millions Of Buyers

How To Ensure Uninterrupted Website Access For Millions Of Buyers

For buyers to view products on the site, the catalog with them must be stored somewhere. Standardly, block and file storage located on hard disks or cloud disks of virtual machines is used. But such solutions are not optimized for the parallel access of many users: hundreds of thousands and millions of buyers can simultaneously enter marketplaces and large online stores. With traditional storage, this will lead to access problems.

For a large store with hundreds of thousands of products and customers, S3 object storage hosted in the cloud is more suitable. It can store an almost unlimited amount of data. At the same time, users can simultaneously view the same products, which does not affect the download speed in any way. This means that this is another way not to sink in the search because the pages open slowly.

Traditional Storage Scheme

In traditional storage, data is organized according to the same principle as catalogs of online stores – in the form of a nested structure. If hundreds of thousands of files and millions of users simultaneously request access, the storage cannot cope with the load, and the site works slower.

Object Storage

Object storage stores data as objects. Users can access the same objects at the same time – this will not affect the speed of work in any way

Online stores can place different content and data in S3 storage: product catalogs, application files, personal data. But it is especially convenient and profitable to store dynamic content and multimedia files here, for example, high-resolution photos or videos, and distribute them to users, serving thousands of customer requests. In this case, there is no need to add new discs for storage and processing of content and overpay for their use.

Benefits of S3 storage :

  1. Optimizing storage costs
  2. Because the storage is hosted in the cloud, you don’t need to build and maintain the infrastructure. You pay the provider only for the amount of data that you store.
  3. Moreover, in the usual cloud drives, which are used, for example, for storing photos, you still reserve a fixed volume within your tariff, for example, 10 GB or 100 GB. There is no such thing as object storage: payment is always made after the fact.
  4. Virtually unlimited capacity
  5. Object storage can easily accommodate petabytes of data. The provider provides the required volume upon request.
  6. Ability to automate some operations
  7. Some operations can be automated. For example, process all product images uploaded to the store in a certain style.
  8. The ability to add a domain to the storage by giving users access via a link
  9. Buyers will open the content they want directly from the repository via a URL – like they access any site on the Internet, further speeding up loading. In this case, special access rules work – read-only. You cannot download or change the site’s content using the link: the provider guarantees high reliability of data storage – 99.99999%.

Combining Technologies For Fast Operation Of An Online Store Or Marketplace Website

It turns out that for the successful operation of a large online store, it is necessary, on the one hand, to store a large amount of content and data, on the other hand, to quickly deliver content to users. So customers will be able to open a website, view products, and place orders quickly, and an online store will be able to win the competition for a buyer.

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