How Online Video Hosting Sites, And Online Schools Do Not Lose Customers Due To Long Video Downloads: The Easy Way

How Online Video Hosting Sites, And Online Schools Do Not Lose Customers Due To Long Video Downloads: The Easy Way

We figure out what technologies help online cinemas, TV channels, entertainment, and educational sites deliver video content without delays or disruptions.

Video distributors care about the speed of video download. Viewers can close the video if playback has not started within two seconds. The delay is more than five seconds – you lose a quarter of the audience, ten seconds – half.

The video inspection rate is also affected by playback delays that occur during viewing. Even if the delay is 1% of the total length of the video, viewers are watching 5% less of the video.

For video hosting sites that make money from ads, even a slight reduction in watch time can result in lost revenue. Distributors of paid content also bear losses: subscribers of an online cinema, dissatisfied with the speed of video downloads, go to competitors. Educational product buyers leave negative feedback on the course.

You need to host your videos in reliable, high-performance storage and serve them at high speeds for fast download speeds. Let’s figure out what technologies help in this.

Launching A Project Without Waiting For Equipment Deliveries And Unnecessary Costs

To run programs that allow you to upload, delete, and edit video content, you must deploy your IT infrastructure. This can be done in two ways: buy equipment and hire employees to maintain it or rent a cloud server from a provider.

Pros Of Cloud Servers:

  • Quick start of the project. You do not need to order servers and wait for them to be delivered and connected. The cloud server is deployed in a few clicks and is immediately ready to go. In addition, if you need new capacities with the project’s growth, you can directly connect resources in the required volume – you do not have to purchase additional equipment.
  • Payment for consumed power. Iron is always bought with a margin – suddenly, something breaks or the load increases. Moreover, the equipment is idle most of the time. When renting a cloud server, you pay the provider only for the used capacity; there are no extra costs.

Object Storage To Seamlessly Serve Petabytes Of Video

Traditional storage, such as file storage, is not designed for serving large amounts of video content. The storage may fail if hundreds or thousands of users start watching the same video, for example, after releasing a new season of a popular TV series.

Therefore, cloud object storage is more suitable for distributors of video content. You can easily store an almost unlimited amount of content in it – this is especially important if you regularly upload new videos. For example, add new films, educational videos, or news releases.

At the same time, the number of videos does not affect the download speed. Hundreds of thousands of viewers can simultaneously watch the new season of the popular series – there will be no delays.

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