5 Offers To Activate The Optical Fiber At Home

5 Offers To Activate The Optical Fiber At Home

The optical fiber is currently available in two versions. On the one hand, we find the FTTH type fiber, an acronym for Fiber To The Home, which allows you to reach the maximum speed of 2.5 Giga in download.

On the other hand, the FTTC fiber, an acronym for Fiber To The Cabinet, allows you to browse up to 200 Mega in download: being the mixed copper fiber, it is much more widespread than the FTTH version is faster.

The first thing to do when you want to activate the optical fiber at home is to check which network technology you have reached to understand which type of fiber can be activated. After doing so, you can instead compare the characteristics of the various promotions, starting from the proposed prices.

The fiber optic offers to be activated in one’s home proposed by the operators TIM, Vodafone, Fastweb, Sky, and WIND TRE will be analyzed below.

What emerges is a tendency on the part of the five operators to promote combined offers; that is, they combine the promotion for fixed telephony with that for mobile telephony and proposals
related to streaming entertainment.

TIM Optical Fiber

Super Fiber offered by the TIM operator can be activated at the cost of € 29.90 per month, the price in which the following are included:

  • the activation fee, at the cost of 10 euros per month for 24 months;
  • the TIM HUB + modem is on sale at 5 euros per month for 48 months.

The offer includes fiber up to 1 Giga in download, unlimited, and unlimited calls only in the case of online activation. Can customize it with the addition of TIM VISION Football and Sports, which includes DAZN, TIM VISION programming, Discovery + entertainment, and the TIM VISION Box decoder.

Vodafone Optical Fiber

Vodafone’s home Internet offer is currently in promotion, online, at the cost of € 24.90 per month. The rate includes:

  • optical fiber up to 2.5 Giga in download;
  • the Station 6 modem;
  • zero duration constraints;
  • unlimited calls to all national fixed and mobile numbers.

You can also customize it by adding a portable package.

Fastweb Fiber Optic

Among the fiber optic offers proposed by Fastweb, the cheapest is represented by Fastweb Casa Light + Mobile Light, which has a discounted cost of 24.95 euros per month for the caSa Internet connection 4.95 euros per month are added. For the mobile tariff.

The promotion includes:

  • Unlimited Internet up to 2.5 Giga in download;
  • unlimited calls from landlines to national landlines and mobile numbers;
  • a mobile SIM with 50 Giga of traffic and unlimited calls.

For subscriptions by September 24, 2021, 3 months of Discovery + will also be included.

Sky Optical Fiber

Sky’s optical fiber, which was awarded in Italy as the best Internet connection for quality-price, costs 24.90 euros per month for the first 18 months, instead of 29.90 euros per month. 

The promotion includes:

  • 100% fiber to surf up to 1 Giga in download;
  • the intelligent Sky Wifi Hub;
  • the activation fee for 29 euros per month, instead of 49 euros. 

By activating the Sky Wifi + Sky TV package, you can add to the advantages of the optical fiber those of the original Sky programming and the experience of Sky Q.

In this case, you would pay a total cost of € 38.90 per month for the first 18 months, instead of € 54.90 per month. The activation cost would be only 9 euros one-off instead of 148 euros. 

WINDTRE Optical Fiber

The fiber proposed by the operator WIND TRE has 22.99 euros per month: it is currently the cheapest fiber optic offer among all those activated in Italy. 

The monthly subscription includes:

  • unlimited fiber up to 1 Giga in download;
  • modem with WI-Fi 6 included;
  • free activation;
  • 12 months of Amazon Prime Video, also valid for existing Prime customers;
  • Giga as a gift for the whole family’s smartphones. 

You can also choose to add a SIM with unlimited minutes and Giga, at the cost of 12.99 euros per month. 

Find Out More About The WIND TRE Proposal.

After checking the network coverage, you realize that the optical fiber technology does not cover you. It is advisable to opt for promoting the FWA type, the mixed radio fiber, which is proposed by different operators and is faster than the traditional ADSL network.

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