Clouds Make It Easier To Access Innovative Technologies

Clouds Make It Easier To Access Innovative Technologies

Modern digital services often need innovative technologies: machine learning, Big Data tools, or computer vision. For example, a machine learning Arterys medical platform is used for detecting abnormalities in the images. And in the Chrysler Portal concept car, computer vision recognizes the driver’s personality and automatically adjusts various systems for him: it regulates the seat, the temperature in the cabin and turns on your favorite music.

The solutions you need to run projects like this are available in the cloud. Here are some stories from actual companies that have implemented disruptive technologies:

  • Invitro launched a pilot project of Face Detection to recognize individual customers. Its essence is as follows: it takes time for clinic administrators to find a client in the database and open his card – while he searches the queue increases. Using images from CCTV cameras, Face Detection recognizes the patient’s identity and opens his card in advance in the computer at the registrar. As a result, the service time is reduced, and customer loyalty grows.
  • The “Auchan” is used based on decisions of machine learning to predict demand, determine the optimal price, and customer segmentation. For their development, the company lacked modern infrastructure and technologies for working with Big Data. As a result, the company built a unified cloud platform for ML experiments, Data Science, and analytics. It allows you to process analytical queries of any complexity and build predictive models.
  • Kometrika and Megafon are developing the Digital Management Company, a platform for managing residential buildings. Now they are developing a solution that will allow automatic invoicing by receiving data from smart meters based on the Internet of Things. As a result, management companies can automatically receive data on the consumption of utility resources. At the same time, the system is easily scalable – you can quickly connect new houses.
  • Botkin.AI is a Russian platform used in regional hospitals and medical centers. It analyzes images and helps to identify specific diseases and inflammation in the early stages.
  • Artificial intelligence analyzes images based on massive amounts of data. If there is suspicion of pathology, then the service highlights the critical area in the idea for the doctor. The solution is based on Big Data technologies, machine learning, and computer vision.

How Clouds Are Helping To Deliver IT Products Faster

  1. You can accelerate development with a DevOps approach and cloud-based automation tools.
  2. To launch a project in the cloud, you do not need to wait for equipment deliveries – it is easier to deploy infrastructure and use platform solutions that are already ready to go.
  3. Can Delegate Infrastructure maintenance to a cloud provider and with a minimum of staff.
  4. The cloud grows with the project: additional resources can be connected in a couple of clicks or use autoscaling.
  5. New technologies are available in the cloud that is often needed by modern digital services: computer vision or technologies that make it easier to work with machine learning, such as workplaces for Data Scientists.

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