Google Is Testing Gambling On Android

Google Is Testing Gambling On Android

Google is approaching the gambling sector through RMG (real-money gaming) apps. The service is in the testing phase and will arrive globally in 2024

Gambling has always been a more profitable market that brings millions and millions of euros into the coffers of companies operating in the sector every year. Given this, it’s no surprise that Google is also interested in getting into this business, announcing a ” new approach to real money gaming apps ” (hitherto banned on the Play Store) that will allow the tech giant to expand the availability of these programs on the Play Store and, of course, to earn money from them.

Google And Gambling

The first expressions of interest from Google in the field of RMG (real-money gaming) date back to 2021, when the technology giant began to take its first steps within the betting and gambling sector.
Specifically, among the most popular applications on the digital store, we find online casinos, sports betting, lotteries, and much more.

However, it is good to remember that these programs must necessarily comply with rather strict laws imposed by the various states in which they are published. Therefore, Google also had to amplify the controls in this regard on its Play Store, setting aside a lot of software that, although legal, did not comply with these norms.

A few months ago, however, Big G started tests in India, Brazil, and Mexico to launch new RMG apps that are legal even if not covered by the system of laws mentioned above.

This will continue until June 30th, and all the programs published on the Mountain View giant’s digital store will remain available to users in the selected markets. They will then become global at the end of the testing phase.

What Changes For The Sector

Starting next June, the Play Store will, therefore, begin to welcome more RMG apps, including those that, despite being completely legal, are outside the existing legislative framework.

This news is a good step forward for developers who will still have to respect the rules imposed by the various countries and Big G’s policies but will have more freedom of movement for the publication of their software.

Naturally, the technology giant was keen to reiterate that all current laws in force will be guaranteed both as regards age limits and the use of this software with the promise to continue to monitor in this regard to ensure conscious use for everyone.

Furthermore, these RMG programs, in the past, necessarily had to be free and could not be associated with Google Play billing, so in short, the Mountain View company did not make any profit from it.

Now, however, things are destined to change, and the pricing model for these services will also be updated, which, obviously, will end up in Google’s coffers.

For now, no other information is available, just as there is no arrival date for the RMG apps worldwide. Still, probably in June, at the end of the tests, Big G will release a second official press release explaining the new policies and, above all, the new tariffs to users in this regard.

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