Updated List Of KickassTorrents Sites In 2024 | Unblock New KickassTorrent

Updated List Of KickassTorrents Sites In 2024 | Unblock New KickassTorrent

KickassTorrents is the most commonly used proxy site that provides a directory of torrent files to comfort its users by peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. The owner of this sensational website is Artem Vaulin, who created this platform in 2008. This website has become sensational and reached millions of users in a brief period since that time. In 2017 the owner of Kickass Torrents got arrested for hosting copyrighted content.

Kickasstorrents gained a colossal mass following of users in a limited period of its website. The Pirate Bay, which was the world’s biggest piracy hub, was replaced by Kickass Torrents (KAT). Slowly after the shutdown of the original KAT website by law enforcement and the US Government, many people became addicted to that website. They have tried to find an alternate site almost similar to the original one and succeeded in bringing back the same old glory of Kickasstorrents.

Kickasstorrents is a torrent site that allows users to download movies and TV shows. The website is free to use, but the content is not. Users can purchase or rent movies and TV shows from the site.

Users can also download movies for free if they have a Kickasstorrents account. All they need to do is log in and click on the “Download” button next to the movie or TV show they want to watch.

Kickasstorrents is a website that provides torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. It was founded in 2008 by an individual or group of individuals operating under the pseudonym “Mr. Black”.

The site has been the subject of controversy, primarily from copyright holders. The website has been blocked by ISPs in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Finland and Australia.

The site is not available in all countries. It is blocked in many countries due to copyright infringement laws.

Users can download movies from Kickasstorrents by using a VPN service or by using a proxy server.

Kickass Torrents Alternate Website

After many experiments, the support team of kickass torrent proxy has struggled a lot and found a solution to this problem and identified a similar alternative to this website. This proxy site consists of torrent files, movies and magnet links, software, TV Shows, Game shows, music, games, etc. The latest kickasstorrent is back to form and available online with original content, and most uploaders love to come back.

When this information went viral and other countries started blocking such websites, the Australian Government stopped many such sites like Tamilrockers, The Pirate Bay.

KickassTorrents Proxy Sites List

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Mirror Sites That Replace Kickasstorrents

Many mirror sites almost match the content of Kickass torrent. There are cases where you find issues while using kickass torrents, and the site gets blocked. These mirror sites will help you with the best interface in such situations. You can always rely on these sites for a remarkable user experience. 

  • 1337X
  • LimeTorrents
  • The Pirate Bay
  • Extra Torrent
  • YTS

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This website consists of the variety of content you expect in any pirated torrent site. It is one of the most recommended websites with various categories. When you go through this, you will experience a smooth and straightforward interface so that you feel so comfortable when you look for your favorite movies. The interface adopted by this website is different when compared with Kickasstorrents or The Pirate Bay. You can segregate among movies and their categories and easily find the type of movie from this platform. However, this site is also banned in many countries, but alternate servers still help you access this 1337x website. 


Lime Torrent is the best and most unique platform for finding movies, software, and games. It is user-friendly, and this website’s interface is simple and good enough to access freely. If you search for a specific movie or web series, you will find it easily on this platform.

You will have numerous options when you start to hunt for any film or video game or e-book, or any software.

If you can try in countries like India, USA then the site will be blocked. You will find it challenging to open on any device because these sites will not be permitted access in most countries. However, to overcome this challenge, most people use VPN connections to experience the smooth flow of the website.

The Pirate Bay

This website is the most viral among all other proxy sites as it also consists of other mirror domains, which are similar to The Pirate Bay. Most of the ISPs have blocked the original website and mirror sites. Even though the Government may restrict, their audience will approach this website by using the best VPN service or a proxy bypass service to overcome the restriction of service providers. 

The Pirate Bay is well known to be the best torrent search engine website that is used all over the world. After the ban of Kickasstorrent, this website has become the most famous one with millions of users with their daily visit. Also, this website offers the best collection of torrent files listed with different categories like Movies, Media, Games, software, etc. The Pirate Bay has served as the best alternative for Kickass Torrents.


YTS can also be considered as one of the desirable websites. This website is famous primarily for the collection of movies and music they upload. It is good in providing High-Quality content to its users, and this website was also blocked and got shut by the Government and cyber teams but still somehow managed to get back through the mirror sites with the same content. It can still be considered as one of the preferable options as an alternative to the Kickass torrent.


ExtraTorrent can also be considered the better option to choose in the absence of KAT. Due to some unfortunate reasons, this website got shut down in 2017. After a certain period, this website had bounced back to the proxy field with different domain names. This website is being operated by various domain names like extratorrent2, extratorrents, extratorrent proxy, extratorrent. These kinds of proxy sites can be handled by anywhere in the world quickly, and if you are restricted to access, try VPN, and you can enjoy the best quality and premium content for free.

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