The Best Modem For Smart Working On The Beach

The Best Modem For Smart Working On The Beach

The best 5G solution with wifi 6 to connect up to 30 devices for hybrid and remote work .Smart working and hybrid life have wholly entered our life, bringing with them new needs, such as that of a stable connection in all conditions, which is why today we are talking about the best modem for working on the beach.

Let’s go further because the availability of portable modems for mobile internet connection is not new; on the contrary: some brands that we know today for multiple products, such as Huawei, have begun their climb towards success from this category, with the famous “soap bars.” Those were distant times, as were the solutions available to provide wifi connection when you were out of the office.

Today we are in the 5G era, and the Wifi 6 standard is also taking hold, which guarantees better efficiency even when there are many computers or tablets connected. Among the many portable modems available, we have selected a unique product: Netgear NightHawk M5 is, in fact, a 5G modem with Wifi 6, battery-operated, capable of operating at maximum speed even when there is no electricity.

The Advantages Of Wifi 6

The new wifi six standard guarantees a high-quality connection, with the maximum possible stability, offering a safer and more efficient data exchange than in the past; it is as if transit lanes were added on a motorway, thus allowing more traffic. Regular. When multiple devices are connected, each of them is sure to have a “lane” with guaranteed capacity.

5G: An Investment For The Future

A portable 5G battery-powered modem is a real investment for the future because if it is true that in many areas the new transmission standard is not yet available, where it is present, surfing speeds can be reached higher than that of the wired home and office connections.

As far as possible, there are no other modems in the market with these characteristics, but to be honest, that exclusivity is paid for with a price close to 800 euros. That’s why we think that the 5G modem with Wifi 6 on battery today can be a tool for professional use rather than private.

Its operation is effortless, starting from the pairing with tablets, computers, and smartphones that can be carried out simply with a click, thanks to the WPS pairing service. The battery can operate for a whole day; its recharging takes about 3 hours with the original charger.

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