Chrome: New AI-Powered Features Coming Soon

Chrome: New AI-Powered Features Coming Soon

Google Chrome is preparing to register the arrival of new AI-based features that will enrich the potential of the web browser.

Google continues to focus on AI, which will be increasingly integrated into its services and applications throughout the near future. One of the next steps in the AI sector for the American company is the introduction of new AI-based features in Google Chrome. Google’s web browser, in fact, is preparing to introduce various new features that, by exploiting artificial intelligence, will provide users with new tools to explore the web more effectively.

AI Features Coming To Google Chrome.

Google is working on new AI-powered features to integrate into Google Chrome. Some parts of the code needed to use these features have already been integrated into Chrome, as confirmed by the information revealed by insider Leopeva64. Specifically, Google will introduce an AI-driven listing organization system.

All you have to do is right-click on a tab and press the Organize Tabs option to activate the feature. AI will manage the browser’s open accounts, rearranging them to make life easier for the user. This feature will be incredibly convenient for Chrome users, with dozens of tabs open at the same time.

In addition, Google plans to integrate AI into the search engine as well (but only when used through Chrome, probably). After searching, in fact, a button will appear at the top with which the user can request the intervention of the AI that will improve the results obtained.

Through a special button located at the top of the browser (in the desktop version), it will be possible to access an AI tool to obtain a summary of the content of a web page, with direct links to other related content and other similar features. This function will be manageable via a side panel without having to leave the web page visited.

Desktop Only, For Now

Google Chrome’s new AI features are expected to be introduced to the desktop version of the web browser soon. Currently, in fact, the images released by Leopeva64 concern precisely this version. Chrome, therefore, could make AI-enhanced tools available to its users on Windows and, in a short time, also on macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux. At the moment, it’s still unclear if and when the new features will also arrive for Android’s Chrome app.

A quick debut also seems complicated for the iPhone and iPad versions of the browser. More details about the new features of Google’s web browser will be coming soon. Already over the next few weeks, with a new update, Google could unlock the first AI tools for Chrome.

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