Crypto Marketing Now. What Are The Marketing Tools And Strategies In The Crypto Industry?

Crypto Marketing Now. What Are The Marketing Tools And Strategies In The Crypto Industry?

In this article, I will try to describe all the main, as it seems to me, marketing tools that are currently used in the crypto and blockchain industries. For the most part, this applies now to blockchain or web 3.0 projects.

I Analyzed And Made A List

  • Maintaining Twitter
  • Building a community and working with it
  • Discord, Telegram
  • Working with shellers (the same bloggers, influencers, or experts only in the crypto environment)
  • Airdrop

I Will Elaborate On Each One

1. Keeping Twitter

Twitter is the number one social network in the crypto and blockchain industry. All the most famous crypto personalities are located there.

One tweet from one of them can quickly raise or lower the price of a token.

If someone wants to be in the crypto industry, he must be subscribed to the top people from the crypto world.

Something is always announced on Twitter, upcoming airdrops, news, and essential information about projects. In general, all the movement is on Twitter.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop this social network

2. One Of The Main Components Of Crypto Marketing Today Is The Community.

The top blockchain projects have a great community if you look at the leading blockchain projects.

So the role of community managers and specialists in this field will be critical and in demand. They will have to manage the community, work, and constantly interact.

I repeat, in the blockchain industry, it is essential that the project has a strong community, people who are interested in your project, and those who believe in it.

Reputation is critical in crypto.

3. Continuing The Theme Of The Community. The Most Popular Messenger Where The Community Sits Is Discord.

In the second place, I think, will be Telegram. 

Discord is where constant interaction and communication with the community takes place. So, too, specialists will be needed who will lead Discord.

4 . Working With Crypto Influencers.

They can also be called shillers from the English word shill in the crypt.

These are such opinion leaders or experts who purposefully natively advertise the project.

Although in fact, not only big influencers and experts can be Shiller.

Yes, there are already such people in the industry.

It is not yet obvious how this strategy will work because I have heard more negative experiences than positive ones so far.

5. And Finally, I Left The Most Interesting.

This is Airdrop. This part deserves a separate article, which I will do later.

Here I want to talk not only about the very concept of the Airdrop but in general about everything related to the distribution of awards, tokens, NFT, etc.

I think this is one of the most excellent marketing tools. There can be a lot of options for strategies and mechanics.

What they can be:

  • The most famous and widespread is Airdrop. When a company distributes tokens to users for free.
  • Distribution of NFT tokens. By the way, there is a great project 

The project is dedicated to helping companies distribute NFT tokens conveniently and quickly. And in general, they go towards new marketing.

By the way, with the help of link drop, you can attract those users who are not yet in the crypt. This makes it an excellent tool for those companies, including web 2.0, who are already looking to enter the industry, attract new users, or give away tokens to their existing users as a unique loyalty program.

  •  You can distribute rewards for the fact that users do some practical actions for the project.
  •  Rewards in blockchain games. This is already a well-established practice.
  •  Creation of a so-called branded stable coin. This is an analog of bonus points that brands and companies are now giving out. The significant advantage and difference are that you can spend these stable coins inside the product and exchange, sell or withdraw to other cryptocurrencies.

As I said, there will be a lot of development options and mechanics here. I want to write more about drops in the following article. I have studied many crypto agencies, and the marketing tools and approaches described above are most often used at the moment.

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