Different Types Of Myths In Marketing Automation

Different Types Of Myths In Marketing Automation

Automatic Marketing Is A Trend That Will Soon Pass

Our reality is constant information noise. Attention is the new currency, and you need to run faster than others to get it: respond instantly, personalize offers. Marketers are learning new skills, mastering innovative online marketing services, and taking on more than a few years ago. Without automation marketing, they will “drown” in the routine and be left behind, and with them, the businesses for which they work.

The number of communication channels, sources of information is increasing, and their complexity is increasing. Only automation can drive marketing without losing data. On average, 51% of businesses already use marketing automation, and another 58% of B2B companies plan to roll out. This trend has been with us for a long time.

Automation Will Solve Marketing Problems And Make Them Stronger

Automation will increase the efficiency of marketers and simplify the marketing process – yes, how the magic pill will make marketing work better – no. Automated marketing is like a car: it will speed up the movement from point A to point B if you know how to drive it and choose a route without traffic jams.

Marketing automation is an ineffective tool without a smart strategy. The role of determining the target audience, creating content for it, and working with leads remains for marketers and the sales department. Don’t overestimate robots.

Automation Ends With The Sale

After the conversion, additional sales are possible, with retention and customer engagement. The system will congratulate you on your birthday, send a gift discount for a product that the customer likes (it will understand from the collected database), and will launch a reactivation program if the user hasn’t bought for a long time. As a result, automation builds relationships with customers: it increases loyalty, takes care of customer needs, and receives feedback. The robot will not miss a message from a client and will not forget to respond, as an overworked employee can do. The customer relationship creates brand advocates – super loyal users.

Automation Needs Technical Skills

Any system requires resources: CDP platform, CRM system, automation service – this is competent development and work. Previously, such systems were not easy to use; a long training accompanied them. Modern services are intuitive and offer templates for work, requiring minimal technical knowledge or only marketing knowledge.

Difficulties are quickly resolved by technical support. Products that are difficult to develop become easy to use.

Check it out for yourself marketing automation with Altcraft Platform. A friendly team works for you, accompanying you during implementation and integration. In the work process, an employee from a personal support chat will answer your questions. It’s easy to automate marketing with us.

Automation Is Only Suitable For B2C

Automation is suitable for any business: B2C, B2B, and even the service industry. Automation platforms take on the repetitive actions that are found in every area. The automation service does not care whether it will be sending out special offers from an online store via Push or a reminder letter to a potential B2B client. In B2B, working with lead warming is often longer than in B2C, where spontaneous purchases are possible. Therefore, a system that builds relationships and “warms up” customers is useful for such a business.


Marketing automation takes care of routine tasks and simplifies the work of a marketer, but it does not solve all marketing problems and does not replace a person. The development of the strategy remains with the specialists.

Marketing automation isn’t just about email marketing. It also includes collecting data for analytics, personalizing ads, publishing content, working with engagement, and building customer relationships. Automated marketing is a set of actions and a strategy.

Marketing automation is suitable for all business areas and companies of all sizes. Modern systems are affordable and affordable even for small businesses. Implementing them does not always require additional resources and new technical skills.

Implementing marketing automation takes a step forward in business development and gains a competitive advantage. Automation is the future.

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