“Trending” Technologies That Increase The Efficiency Of The Company

“Trending” Technologies That Increase The Efficiency Of The Company

Everyone is hearing about neural networks now. Although they have already set the teeth on edge a little, their potential is not exhausted. Neural networks make it possible to simulate what was previously impossible to simulate.
Of course, we are all looking forward to accelerating communication with 5G, which will radically increase the number of IoT items.

The world is developing between two technologies – running programs on a server and a device. Through fast and reliable communications, several technologies are being deployed that enable tasks to be performed on the server. And if the program is running on a server, you can process information from different points while online. This gives the business additional opportunities.

If we talk about what we have not yet achieved but are waiting for, these are quantum computers. On the one hand, this will improve encryption, and on the other hand, it will solve some optimization problems, which are now quite challenging from the point of view of implementation. These are tasks related to consumption, using the psychology of neural networks, and personalizing offers. All this gives an additional impetus to development.

Business Can Be Difficult

There is a shortage of qualified IT specialists on the market today. The market is so overheated that there is not enough for everyone. Of course, there are some semi-professional and easy solutions, but to solve many problems efficiently, you need well-trained people in short supply. Large companies buy in batches of specialists, which creates a severe problem for entrepreneurs who cannot hire professional specialists.

Not everyone wins in digital transformation. This is comparable to a revolution where redistribution takes place. Big business can crush small businesses, having more resources and assets. For example, in the case of a taxi, the aggregator that sells the service and manages the information wins while car owners and drivers lose.

Or the idea of ​​people’s car-sharing – in reality, people who donated their cars will not earn much. But large companies that will have more vehicles in operation will start working: they will save on maintenance and repairs.

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