How And Why They Work With MultiCloud In Russia: Expert Opinion

How And Why They Work With MultiCloud In Russia: Expert Opinion

MultiCloud is an approach to building infrastructure in which a company uses several private or public clouds, often from different providers.

“Others do not focus on different providers but on the data type. A multi-cloud implementation is a solution for distinguishing between sensitive and operational data.”

“Our company’s IT infrastructure is built in one provider’s cloud, and the cloud of another provider is used exclusively for storing cold data. In our understanding, the multi-cloud is just an approach that helps distinguish between data.”

Thirdly, MultiCloud can work with different PaaS and SaaS services on the platform of one operator.

Multi Cloud usage Scenarios Depend On Business Needs

The main prerequisite for the transition to a multi-cloud strategy is the requirements of information security and the need to gain independence from the solutions of foreign vendors.

At the same time, the second cloud is often used to store backups and cold data, less often – as an active backup site with replications, to which you can switch in case of failures in the main cloud.

Hybrid Implementation – Logical Development Of IT Infrastructure In The Organization

A hybrid cloud is an example of an installation in which companies use both cloud solutions and their physical infrastructure at the same time. Almost all participants in the discussion answered that they use the hybrid format for working with data.

The approach has become widespread because it is a logical development of the organization’s IT infrastructure: the default implementation becomes hybrid at the time of transition to the cloud when some of the data is already in the cloud environment and some remains on the physical infrastructure.

At the same time, many companies continue the hybrid approach even after full migration to the cloud and use their hardware to store sensitive data. For example, personal data of clients or financial records.

Cloud Combination Options Are Unlimited

Russian companies need a general principle for implementing multi-clouds – they are built considering the business’s current needs.

To build a multi-cloud, companies sometimes use IaaS and PaaS services from one provider together; sometimes, they use hybrid cloud technologies, and less often, they use clouds from several providers.

Companies rarely choose the MultiCloud service as a ready-made solution from one provider: they prefer to adopt the cloud for themselves rather than the standard option.

The main thing when building a multi-cloud is to monitor the compatibility of tools at different sites. This unification is needed to simplify multi-cloud management and ensure data availability.

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