Impact Of Big Challenges On The Russian Big Data Market: Expert Opinions

Impact Of Big Challenges On The Russian Big Data Market: Expert Opinions

Moving to the cloud and using open-source Changes in the IT market have affected the plans of companies to work with big data.

In 2022, Russian companies faced the limitation of using the technology stack of Big Data solutions based on software from foreign vendors, the difficulty of purchasing equipment for scaling physical infrastructures, and the need to develop competencies to quickly work with alternative software products.

Participants of the discussion “New Big Challenges for Big Data. How to continue the digital transformation of business?

I noted that working with big data in 2022 required companies to change not only in the technological plane but also in the organization of business processes and approaches.

For example, many enterprises solve the problem of optimizing computing resources to continue working with Big Data without increasing the cost of purchasing servers, using idle capacities, and sometimes refusing planned infrastructure upgrades.

A growing number of companies have started projects to migrate to the cloud infrastructure – migration to the cloud allows you to access a ready-made infrastructure for working with large arrays, use pre-configured tools for working with Big Data and delegate software administration tasks to a cloud provider. “Technologies for working with Big Data: readiness for use and main barriers,” in Russia, cloud solutions for working with Big Data projects are used by 46% of companies, and 29% plan to start working with clouds shortly.

The choice of a new technology stack is also, according to the participants of the discussion, an important task facing the CIO today. One of the solutions is to use tools based on open-source technologies or switch to products from Russian vendors. At the same time, each of the companies is now forced to conduct a thorough comparison of software options because many of the solutions of Russian suppliers had less design practice than the products of Western suppliers. It is essential to form a detailed understanding of new tools and choose technologies that will improve the efficiency of Big Data solutions.

Growth In The Efficiency Of Working With Data As An Effect Of Migration To New Technologies

According to the participants of the discussion, Russian companies consider choosing a stack of tools as an opportunity to improve the quality of decisions by choosing more suitable tools, revising the architecture, and correcting errors in data processing processes. But the essential primary task is to migrate to a new stack without losing the solution’s functionality and data and expand the team’s steam competencies by retraining and searching for new specialists.

The participants of the discussion noted that the requirements for the migration process itself had stayed the same. Here are the main challenges facing companies.

  • Migrate gradually, and migrate small processes sequentially.
  • Have at least two pipelines to return to the working version of the solution if errors occur during the transfer.
  • Test several alternative solutions to see which one best suits specific business needs.

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