How To Assemble A Dream Team For An IT Project: Surf Experience

How To Assemble A Dream Team For An IT Project: Surf Experience

Checklist for selecting a dream team for an IT project. Here are some parameters that you can focus on, regardless of the company’s specifics, if you want to build a strong IT team. They can be thought of as stages in the selection of candidates.

Stage 1. Shared Values

How does this affect the selection of candidates? When choosing candidates, knowing how close they are to you in spirit is important. For example, we at Surf want technology to make life easier and help businesses reach their potential. Therefore, we create projects that affect the lives of many people.

How do we implement it within the company? We allow talented candidates to prove themselves in working on large-scale projects with great challenge and impact. Read the brightest success stories of Surfers on our Telegram channel; we love to share inspiring examples.

How do we search for such candidates? The candidate goes through an interview with a recruiter: we ask direct or projective questions and select candidates with strong, soft skills that align with our values.

Stage 2. Knowledge Of Technology

How does this affect the selection of candidates? At this stage, we evaluate the level of knowledge, technological experience, and skill in working on commercial projects and online coding. The assessment takes place in the screening process (solving several technical problems) and interviews with team leaders and the head of the department.

How do we implement it? Our teams combine product and engineering expertise. Therefore, the first item in our vacancies is that we are looking for people with experience in commercial development.

How does it work in real projects? For example, in the Beethoven pet store chain application, our team completely redesigned the product selection flow based on the results of product research and our product expertise in e-commerce development. And since the online store has more than 10,000 products, to correctly place an order, engineers needed to build and implement complex logic for working with large data arrays inside the application.

Stage 3. Adaptation Skills

How does this affect teamwork? After successfully passing the interview, the hiring process smoothly flows into the workflow. For the first two weeks, the candidate works under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

How do we implement it? We give a task that may arise in a future project. We evaluate the candidate’s ability to adapt quickly to a new environment and team. If, at this stage, the candidate does not show his skills, we leave. But thanks to a qualitative assessment when hiring, this happens extremely rarely.

What allows us to assess adaptive skills so quickly? We deliberately start with tasks that can be completed in two weeks so that we can quickly evaluate the result.

By the way, you can learn how to find and select such candidates. Our recruitment team conducts online webinars about IT hiring, which will be useful for both recruiters and hiring managers. And for novice recruiters, we launched a course on selecting candidates for an IT team. I told you that we love to share knowledge 😉

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