Subscription Courses And Intensives: What Can Experts With A Telegram Channel Earn On

Subscription Courses And Intensives: What Can Experts With A Telegram Channel Earn On

Online education is in trend – in 2022 alone, the market grew by almost 18%. So, now is the time to come in with educational products, and you don’t have to be a big online school to make money. Experts and creators of short and long courses can monetize their knowledge – subscription telegram channels will help.

We noticed that last year teachers’ income with subscription telegram channels grew by 28% due to exclusive content. Therefore, I took a closer look at learning through Telegram. I’ll tell you what products you can create and offer by subscription.

Expert Content

An expert is a person with deep knowledge in their professional field. At the same time, using them only at work is unnecessary – you can earn your knowledge through a telegram channel with a subscription. In the messenger, talking about work, sharing life hacks, answering questions, or conducting personal consultations is convenient.

Using the example of a teacher, I will show a couple of topics for expert content:

  • Analysis of complex topics from the school curriculum. During the lesson, it is only sometimes possible to make out all the material or tell in such a way as to captivate students. In the telegram channel, the teacher is open to the school curriculum and ways of presenting the information. If he wants to, he will shoot a sketch instead of a lecture and arouse interest, even if the topic is boring.
  • Life hacks for remembering information. Each teacher knows about a dozen mnemonics and techniques for activating different types of memory. All this is easy to spread in Telegram – in text or cards.
  • Tips on how to prepare for exams. Some teachers work in the OGE and Unified State Examination commissions and know exactly how these exams are held. Experts can help you prepare for exams and tell you what scheme to study to repeat the maximum material.

Telegram allows you to post text posts, record voice or video messages, and upload finished videos. You can also organize a webinar or group call for subscribers to discuss a specific topic. The choice of format depends on the expert: someone likes to write more, and someone likes live communication. But it is important to focus on the audience. If one content format doesn’t work, try another.

Paywall helps experts to attract subscribers to the Telegram channel thanks to the “Trial period” option. The author gives free access to all his content for a limited time – for example, a day or a week. This warms up the audience – if a person likes it, he can stay and pay for access to the content.

Short Courses

Intensives help to master a certain skill in a short time: for work or just for fun. For example, make presentations, paint, read quickly or make interior paintings. As a rule, in such courses, they give the theory, then begin to practice and discuss the results. The terms of the intensives depend on the topic and the author: from a couple of days to several weeks.

Short course creators usually recruit people in batches and charge a one-time fee for the course. It isn’t easy to control all subscriptions manually so that authors can connect to Paywall. It will help in the following cases:

  • If the materials are available only for the duration of the course, the service automatically unsubscribes participants from the channel after the intensive ends. And then he signs new ones from the next stream.
  • If the course materials remain with people forever, the expert creates a new channel for the following streams and places it on the service. Subscribers come, immediately see a new channel, and pay for access.

Intensives attract an adult audience that values ‚Äč‚Äčtime and wants to master a specific skill quickly. In addition, they are usually inexpensive, so it is easier for people to allocate the right amount.

If the author has several educational channels with intensives at once, Paywall will help to collect them in one place and set tariffs for each.

You can create a separate chat for the community for the intensive subscription telegram channel. Course authors usually answer questions, give advice, and help if the material is difficult to digest. Subscribers appreciate when the author is involved in communication, so those who stay in touch form a loyal audience faster.

Courses For Several Months

If you have a large educational product, you can also publish it in a telegram channel with subscription access. For example, experts teach people the basics of a sought-after profession, calligraphy, cooking, or other useful skills. As a rule, in long courses, authors combine theory with practice. Homework is given for lectures; mistakes are checked and sorted out. Therefore, long courses suit those who want a deep dive into the topic.

Telegram also has features that even large learning platforms may not have:

  • Calls by a large group of up to 5000 people without restrictions on the time of the call. For example, the channel’s author will easily gather a whole group after the course and celebrate graduation with everyone.
  • Live broadcasts to the entire audience of the channel. If you conduct a webinar through the site, it may not withstand such a load and fall. Telegram works stably even with many listeners: its servers are located in five parts of the world.
  • No copying or forwarding of messages. Participants will not be able to copy course materials and publish them elsewhere. And if you take the course from a smartphone, you won’t even be able to take a screenshot.

Authors of long courses can create additional private chats for subscribers. They are useful for all listeners because they form a space for sharing experiences. For example, if there are graduates of previous streams in the chat and newcomers, they can answer simple questions. In the meantime, the author will deal with more complex cases.

Here’s what else you can do in the community chat:

  • Search for a job or post vacancies. If the course is taken to change profession, such a chat will be useful and may even become an additional incentive to take the course of this particular author.
  • Do networking. For many, being part of a professional community is important to exchange experience, recommend each other, or launch joint projects.

For long-term courses, all the same, Paywall chips work as for intensive courses. It is enough for the author to connect to the service, collect all his channels and chats on one page, and set up tariffs. After that, you can focus on creating content, and Paywall will monitor the organizational and technical parts. For example, if the subscriber has not paid, he cannot stay in the channel: the bot will offer to renew the subscription and restrict access if the money is not credited to the account.

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