Key Points About The Cloud IoT Platform

Key Points About The Cloud IoT Platform

To create and configure an IoT network, you need an infrastructure and a set of technologies for collecting, processing, analyzing, and visualizing data. The software and hardware base for these tasks can be developed and configured independently, but it is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. An alternative to self-development is the Cloud IoT Platform, which allows you to reduce the cost of developing, implementing, and operating IoT services and applications.

Cloud IoT Platform is an Internet of Things platform for collecting, processing, analyzing, and visualizing data and managing devices.

The service is a turnkey solution for centralized management, monitoring, and authentication of IoT devices. It combines, processes, and visualizes data from smart devices and can work as a base for building vertical IoT systems.

Working with the Cloud IoT Platform allows the developer of IoT solutions not to spend money on building a system for receiving, storing, and returning data – it is provided by VK Cloud Solutions. The service allows you to speed up and reduce the cost of developing IoT applications.

Cloud IoT Platform Features

Fast connection: The platform lets you quickly integrate new devices into an intelligent home or production control system. No need for extended settings and complex preparation of the server side.

Near real-time: The IoT platform allows you to collect, store and process data from smart home system devices and other intelligent networks in real-time. The user always receives up-to-date data.

Ready software development kit (Software Development Kit, SDK). Platform users are provided with a set of tools for writing device drivers. No need to waste time developing your solution.

Extended compatibility: The platform works with devices through a software agent on the client side, which converts the device protocol into a single platform protocol. This allows you to connect almost any device and sensors – the user can create “smart home,” “smart enterprise,” and “smart city” systems to suit their needs.

Safety: Data exchange between the IoT platform and equipment occurs via secure SSL/TLS protocols with end-to-end encryption. User authentication and authorization are provided at all levels. Only the owner will access the internal network and device management with such protection.

Flexible scaling: The IoT platform allows you to connect more than 500,000 devices without compromising network stability and performance. Thanks to this scaling based on the Cloud IoT Platform, it is possible to implement a project of any scale – both a smart home and a smart city.

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