The Quantum Future Of The Labour Market: Who Will Work With Quantum Technologies?

The Quantum Future Of The Labour Market: Who Will Work With Quantum Technologies?

If you are interested in Quantum Technologies, you have probably heard about the “quantum race” – the competition between IT giants to create a quantum computer. But there is also a more critical question for those in the industry: How will technology affect the labour market?

The Industry Is Experiencing a Shortage Of Specialists

Large tech companies and research labs that do quantum computing are looking for people with college degrees in crucial STEM areas: physics, mathematics, and engineering. But educational programs in the field of quantum technology are still scarce.

Large universities, in the USA, for example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia University, are already beginning to offer specialized programs to their students. But it will take time to train specialists.

Cybersecurity Specialists Are Especially In Demand

The shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals is already being felt, and with the proliferation of quantum computing, the talent shortage could become catastrophic.

So far, hackers using quantum computers are a distant reality. However, there are suggestions that attackers can now steal encrypted data to decrypt it using quantum technologies in the future. Therefore, companies that store confidential data are better off providing them with the required level of protection in advance. Deciphering such data can be a matter of time; you only need a powerful quantum computer.

Physics And Mathematics Education, Machine Learning And AI Are Vital Competencies Of Quantum Technologists

Advanced knowledge in quantum computing is still scarce, so for now, the main sign of a qualified specialist has a diploma or degree in theoretical or quantum physics, mathematics or computer science. Knowledge in the field of machine learning or artificial intelligence will also be a plus.

While Google, IBM, and other IT giants can hire the best quantum talent, smaller companies and startups also have advantages in attracting talent. They can offer more significant involvement in exciting work affecting the future of humanity, the opportunity to create quantum technologies from scratch, a cohesive team and a stake in the business.

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