The LG 32 Inch 4K Monitor To Buy Now And Turn Into Smart TV

The LG 32 Inch 4K Monitor To Buy Now And Turn Into Smart TV

Thanks to an Amazon offer, it is possible to have an excellent LG Smart TV at an
affordable price: turn a monitor into a TV.

There are two things that, budget permitting, that those looking for a Smart TV
today should not give up: the quality of the screen, guaranteed above all by the
manufacturer, and the detail of the images, certified by the 4K resolution. But, as
we said, budget permitting and not all budgets allow you to buy the best product

Among the most desired Smart TVs, the 32-inch 4K LG models do not exist since the
Korean manufacturer only has 4K models from 43 inches up in the range. However, at
this moment, there is an opportunity not to be missed: an excellent 32-inch LG
monitor, with a fantastic panel, with a significant discount on the price, which
can transform into the latest generation Smart TV by combining it with a stick. ,
for example, the latest Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Here’s what model it is and
how to turn it into a Smart TV.

LG 32UN500 Monitor: Technical Characteristics

The LG 32UN500 monitor is a 4K LED model with a 32-inch diagonal, 16: 9 aspect
ratio, and 4K resolution (3840 × 2160). Therefore, it seems ready to view movies
and TV series because it is compatible with HDR.

Speaking of HDR, and therefore of color: it can display 1 billion, but do not
expect the ” extreme ” colors of modern Smart TVs, we are talking about a monitor,
so the colors will be much more faithful to the original ones because there is a
lot less processing by the device, while the viewing angle is good: 178 degrees.

On the other hand, the refresh rate is the same as we find on regular Smart TVs: 60
Hz, with AMD FreeSync compatibility to play at the maximum possible frame. However,
the weak point of this monitor is the connections reduced to the bone: two HDMI 2.0
(which, in reality, are the most used) and a DisplayPort 1.4. There is also the
headphone output.

LG 32UN500 Monitor: How Much Does It Cost

The 32-inch 4K LG 32UN500 monitor has a list price of 499 euros. It may seem like a
shot, but we are talking about a monitor (not a TV); moreover, an LG monitor with
4K resolution on a diagonal that very few manufacturers manage with this

In any case, don’t even look at that price: today, the LG 32UN500 monitor is
discounted on Amazon at the final cost of 299 euros (-200 euros, -40%), and the
music changes completely.

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