Buying And Selling Between Individuals, Tutto Subito Shortens The Distance

Buying And Selling Between Individuals, Tutto Subito Shortens The Distance

Online Trading Becomes Faster And Safer

Subito, the private sale and purchase platform used by more than 13 million users in Italy, launches a new service that cancels the distance between seller and buyer, making online buying
and selling even faster and safer.

Tuttosubito does not replace the system already in use but offers a valid alternative to those who prefer to avoid collection by hand, providing guarantees to both parties on payment and shipping. This streamlines the process, and it becomes possible to shop safely from vendors in distant cities.

This innovative service is part of a context that increases the number of second-hand online purchases. In fact, according to the BVA Doxa Second Hand Economy Observatory, in 2020, one in two Italians bought or sold used items, and 63% of those who did so chose the online channel. This trend has mainly affected specific categories such as college graduates, Generation Z, and families with young children.

How Tuttosubito Works

The contact between seller and buyer can occur through a chat integrated into the app, activated through the “Buy” button. At this stage, the parties can agree on the price, exchange information, and manage the shipment without sharing sensitive personal data.

The payment is made directly on Tuttosubito, an intermediary, and credit the order has been shipped. Thanks to the partnership with companies such as Poste Italiane, the shipment can occur at home or collection points throughout Italy. Finally, an integrated system of ratings and reviews allows you to reward reliable users.

The Security

Security is one of the strengths of Tuttosubito that acts as an intermediary between seller and buyer, protecting both.

First, the service does not require exchanging sensitive personal data such as telephone numbers or bank account details because it functions as a point of contact with both parties.

Tutto subito also acts as a guarantor for the payment; it holds the money and deposits it only after the withdrawal has taken place. This way protects both the seller and the buyer: one is sure to receive the payment, and the other gets the purchased item.

This Purchase Protection system does not provide additional costs for the seller, while for the buyer, the price is 4% of the object’s value, with a maximum ceiling of 20 €.

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