Google Search Now Has The Dark Theme: How To Activate It

Google Search Now Has The Dark Theme: How To Activate It

The dark theme completes the “tour” of Google apps and services: it has arrived on the most famous search engine; here’s how it works and activate it.

In recent years, the dark theme has aroused a lot of interest in the world of technology. It arrived on Android and the iPhone iOS operating system, on Windows 10, macOS, and iPadOS. In short, it arrived on all or almost the most popular operating systems to land on applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, and finally on web services.

The reason it is appreciated so much by simple users and enthusiasts is simple, and it concerns visual comfort. When the light is scarce or trivially when you are tired after a day of work, perhaps spent in front of a screen, dealing with dark shades is less tiring for the eyes because it improves the visibility of the texts and, more generally, of the information displayed on the screen. Furthermore, if used well, dark mode saves battery on smartphones. After having married the dark theme on all of its applications, Google is now taking care of bringing it to the Google search of Windows 10, Chrome OS, and macOS after a long wait.

The Dark Theme Comes From Google Search

The distribution of the dark theme on Google search has already officially started. Still, as often happens with the news of Mountain View (and not only), it is not immediately available for every user. It will take some time for the novelty to close and see it like this on all devices.

Some of those who have already received the dark theme for Google Search ┬áreport having noticed a notification on the search page that warns of the possibility of experimenting with the novelty: “The dark theme is available now. Activate it for a better experience when searching,” it reads.

The Dark Theme On Google Search, How To Activate It

The notification includes a button that allows you to activate it, or you can do it yourself. In this case, here’s how to activate the dark theme: open Google, click on Settings> Search settings, and then, in the left column, on Appearance. Three options will appear: Default matches the dominant color of Google search to that of the device, Dark Theme, which shows light characters on a dark background, and Light Theme, which intuitively foresees the opposite. Once chosen, click on Save at the bottom to confirm the changes.

The dark Google search theme applies to the Google home page, search results page, search settings, and many other sections of the world’s most popular service. When we activate it for the first time, a warning appears, saying, “Now use the dark theme. You can switch back to the light theme at any time from your Google Search settings, “and gives us the option to switch back to the light theme at the push of a button.

According to a Google manager, the dark theme should arrive for everyone by the end of this week. Those who have so far remedied the lack of an official dark theme for Google search by activating the “forced” dark mode of some web browsers such as Google Chrome will therefore be able to put it aside in favor of the new official solution. To have the dark theme on all websites, we will need to continue to use free extensions such as Dark Reader.

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