We Are Setting Up Analytics To Understand Customer Behavior

We Are Setting Up Analytics To Understand Customer Behavior

Every online store has some central database that serves it: information about users, purchase data and other valuable data is stored there. As we said above, this is usually a relational database like PostgreSQL. Often the same database is used for various analytical tasks. For example, to analyze buyers’ behavior or to predict the demand for certain goods.

It turns out that the site database is used for storing data, for analytics, and for keeping the results of this analytics. And as the online store grows, the analytical load begins to affect the primary services: the site loads more slowly, slow down, or even crashes.

To reduce the site’s main database load and increase its stability. It is better to move the analytics to a separate analytical database. All data from the central database is transferred to it. And already, their analytical queries are formed, reports are built, and dashboards are displayed.

You can build such a system yourself: raise a separate database, set up integration with the central database, develop analytics tools. Or you can take a ready-made analytical DBMS or a comprehensive solution for big data analytics in the cloud. 

For example, analytical databases such as Arenadata is one best example.

What You May Need To Run An Online Store In The Cloud

  • Servers for data storage and online store operation
  • Taking them in the cloud is cheaper and faster than building your infrastructure. On them, you can deploy a site from ready-made solutions, a self-developed solution for an online store, or even run a complex project on containers in Kubernetes as a service from a provider.
  • Object stores to store static files cheaper. You can rent already configured S3 storage with quick access and easy management in the cloud.
  • Security tools to protect the store from DDoS attacks, hackers and intruders
  • The cloud provider usually has them by default.Analytics tools for in-depth analysis of customer behavior and the results of marketing campaign
  • They can also be deployed as out-of-the-box services from a provider.

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