What Is Cloud Storage, And Which One Is Better For Storing Data?

What Is Cloud Storage, And Which One Is Better For Storing Data?

Companies generate a tremendous amount of information; it needs to be stored somewhere not to lose anything of value. We figured out what kind of data is best to send to the cloud and what type of cloud service to choose.

Why Store Something In The Cloud

In ordinary life, storing files is easy. For example, you brought back a lot of photos from your trip. You need to transfer them from the camera card to your computer. Suppose there are a lot of pictures that do not fit – you can buy a bigger hard drive or transfer everything to an external drive. If there are a lot of photos, you can buy three disks of 4 TB each. Now everything fits right in.

But if you have a company, the situation is more complicated. Imagine a simple video processing service. The owner bought the ad, and in the first hour, a cloud of professional videographers came running; they uploaded several thousand high-resolution videos to the server. The capacity of all disks in the server rack quickly ran out. You can buy a lot of 4 TB hard drives – all the same; all the content will not fit.

Then there are two scenarios – to buy more equipment, install more powerful servers and configure them. Or move to the clouds.

What Is Cloud Storage, And How To Use It?

Many people have a problem with data placement, and it did not appear yesterday. Until the 2010s, it was solved by buying more and more servers, installing them in a rack and spreading information over them.

It’s not so easy. The equipment must be ordered, wait for delivery, set up and put into operation. Also, servers and hard drives tend to fail and burn – all this needs to be monitored and treated. And also, make backup copies of data so that nothing is lost.

In the 2010s, the cloud concept began to triumph, and data storage became a managed service; now, you can find cloud storage for every taste. The provider buys a lot of equipment at once and mounts a reliable system in its data centre. There, for a fee, everyone can store data. Do you need 2 TB? Okay, could you take it? Need two more in a week? Hold on! Due to holidays, there are fewer customers – return 3 TB and use only 1 TB. This is convenient because it allows you to pay only for the resources you need and not overpay for idle equipment.

So what is cloud storage? This is an almost dimensionless virtual disk in which free space is allocated for your needs; you can manage your resources through the user’s account.

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