Benefits You Get When Connected To CDN

Benefits You Get When Connected To CDN

Distributors of software and games: A CDN helps distribute app updates faster. But many applications require other data to be loaded as well. For example, game users often load content during the game: elements of the game environment, skins, and new levels – it is essential to quickly transfer all this to the user device so that the player does not get bored. Thus, the CDN becomes the basis for the confident distribution of multiplayer online games.

CDN, application content, and updates from the source server are quickly delivered to users’ computers and mobile devices.

Financial institutions and banks: With the help of a CDN, users have a faster personal account and online banking applications — they can make payments without a long wait. Plus, with this technology, the bank can create an additional layer of protection against DDoS attacks.

After switching to a CDN, banks increase the site loading speed several times depending on the region. CDN creates an additional layer of protection against cyberattacks and allows you to add heavy high-resolution images to the site that improve the user experience with the site.

Online Cinemas: When paying for an online cinema subscription, users expect the video to load quickly, and they will be able to watch their favorite series at any convenient time. To deliver high-quality video without interruptions and delays, even during peak loads. CDNs are connected to systems that store videos to speed up and make content distribution more reliable.

After the release of the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, one of the online cinemas experienced a failure – the series was unavailable for some time. And although the power of the equipment was increased five times before the premiere, it still could not cope with the load. With CDN, thi situation is impossible – scaling is not limited.

Live Broadcast: Live streaming of important events, such as sports matches, is essential without interruptions. CDN allows TV channels to offload server capacity, attract users from remote regions and increase the fault tolerance of the solution – to ensure the quality of broadcasting during peak demand.

What You Need To Know About CDN

  1. CDN is a geographically distributed network infrastructure that allows you to deliver content to users quickly.
  2. When using a CDN, the content is cached on intermediate nodes and delivered to users from them.
  3. With the help of a CDN, any content is quickly loaded on sites: from styles and texts to large-volume videos.
  4. A CDN is valid for any business that needs website availability and delivery of content quickly. You can get CDN service in Russia.

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